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Kona Ironman, An epic Championship where Spaniards will have a lot to say

Iván Raña, Eneko Llanos, Víctor del Corral our tricks for victory



Next 11 of October will be held the 36 edition of the IRONMAN World Championship where the best triathletes in the distance will fight to win the title


This is an edition of the latest editions with a higher level since several triathletes choose to compete in the first positions of the race


Over a distance of 3,8 km of swimming, followed by 180 km of cycling and finishing the race with 42 km of running, the best time obtained in this circuit was 8: 03: 56 in 2011 by Craig Alexander which is the trialteta with older (38) who has won the World Championship.


Mirinda Carfrae has the best running record (2: 50: 38) and the 8 race: 52: 14,



Ivan Raña

It is presented as the great favorite for victory.


Ivan raña


Although 2013 did not enter the top positions, managed to finish in a magnificent sixth position after a spectacular comeback in the race on foot, which led him from the 16 position in the cycling segment to achieve 10 advance positions thanks to its segment of marathon that concluded in 2: 47: 50

This year Iván shows up with his homework done: a Sub 8 hours in the Ironman of Austria with a time of 7: 48: 43 where it was very little of beating the world record in this distance that obstructs today Mario Vanhoenacker.

In this test he invested a time of 2: 43: 43 in the marathon which makes it foresee that his competitors will not lose sight of him in the cycling segment to be able to take the maximum minutes of advantage before reaching the race on foot.

Ivan's goal at first is to stay in the leading positions in the cycling segment, which, initially, could guarantee him the podium or victory after his running race.


Víctor del Corral

  Victor is one of the fastest triathletes on the international scene 


Victor del Corral


Victor arrives at the Hawaiian event with 2 victories in IRONMAN last year, Arizona and Florida where he managed to get off the 8 hours. This year he has recently achieved second place in the Ironman Lanzarote 70.3 and in the Nice Ironman, two of the reference triathlons of the Ironman brand due to his toughness.

Victor is one of the fastest triathletes on the international scene with a time last year of 2:43:58 in his marathon in the Florida Ironman  where he got down from the 8 hours. Other of his marks in the distance marathon within an Ironman test have been 02: 37 and 02: 42

Victor's weak point is swimming, but if he manages to be at a good level as we are accustomed to thanks to his potential in the cycling segment and he reaches T2 with little difference over the first ones, he will have great options to contest the top positions and even the test podium.


Eneko Llanos

Eneko this year has achieved victory in the IRONMAN 70.3 in St.Pölten and recently completed the Challenge Roth in third position


Eneko Llanos


Eneko managed to win the two most competitive IRONMAN regional championships in 2013, the one in Asia in Melbourne and that of Europe in Frankfurt, It has been 4 times top 10 in Kona, Olympic in 2000 and 2004 has managed to lower 3 times of 8 hours in an Ironman. A complete cover letter that will not leave your rivals indifferent

The classification for this test was obtained last year at the IRONMAN in Cozumel. This year he has won the IRONMAN 70.3 in St.Pölten and recently completed the Challenge Roth in third position,

Eneko comes in a great state of form, and although the last three years for various situations in which the heat has been decisively influenced has not managed to achieve its objectives for which it was clearly prepared, it is expected that this year if it can be put on top until the end of the test


Jan Frondeno

Frodeno got his qualification for Kona he got it in his debut in the distance IRONMAN getting the third position in the IRONMAN in Frankfurt


Jan Frodeno


The Olympic champion got his qualification for Kona after a long season full of victories such as Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific, Ironman 70.3 Oceanside-California, Ironman 70.3 North American Championships, among others.

However, his qualification for Kona was achieved in his debut in the IRONMAN distance getting the third position in the IRONMAN Frankfurt  with a great race sector where he invested a time of 2:43:14, achieving a final time of 8:07:05, behind Frederick Van Lierde and the winner Sebastian kienle

Frodeno comes to get the second place in the Ironman 70.3 World Championship where he is proclaimed winner Javier Gómez Noya, with a rival of the stature of Noya makes think that arrives in a great state of form for this race.

He is a very complete triathlete where if he manages to be among the first in the cycling sector he will also be in the fight with the top positions with great podium options.


Marino Vanhoenacker

Marino broke the Ironman world record in Austria at 2011.


Mario Vanhoenacker

I was in the same case as Jan Frondeno who had to seek qualification for Kona since the beginning of the year. He started the season with discreet positions until he got second place in the IRONMAN 70.3 in Austria behind Eneko Llanos and two decisive victories. One in the Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg and another in the IROMAN of Canada where he achieved the classification.


Although he is a veteran triathlete, 38 years old, Mario has the advantage of experience in these types of tests. We will have to wait for race day to see if Mario is up to the task and can keep up with his competitors in the final segment of the running race.


Sebastian Kienle

The German is considered one of the best IRONMAN cyclists


Sebastian Kienle


The German is considered one of the best IRONMAN cyclists, where last year he managed to complete the 180 km of cycling World championship in Kona at 4:22:33, Last year Kienle finished third.


This year has been proclaimed European Champion IRONMAN in Frankfurt managing to lower the 8 hours and beating the record of the test. A great triathlete to take into account.


The test can be followed live through the official IRONMAN page


More information: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/events/americas/ironman/world-championship.aspx


Photo: Ironman Kona

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