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Iván Álvarez wins the Triathlon of Cambrils

The triathlete from Madrid has achieved victory after having achieved his sixth classification for Kona and now follows the goal set in the Triathlon Vitoria

The rain turned a very tough test into an epic challenge for many participants

Some 800 triathletes have participated this past Sunday 10 of June in the freshwave® Triathlon of Cambrils 2018 where Iván Álvarez  y Nuria Florencio they have achieved victory in the Olympic modality.

From emotion to epic

In the early morning, everything seemed ideal for a great day of triathlon. But everything changed when the first drops of water began to fall. The wet asphalt caused some falls and losses of time in many triathletes.

The running circuit and the finish line have also been affected. The great work of the volunteers and the organization has made things worse. Luckily, the vast majority of participants have been able to cross the finish line safely.

The winners in modality Sprint have been Enric Joan Tejedor (00: 57: 37) of the Flor de Triatló club and Laura Pérez (1: 08: 29) of the Club Natació Rubí. In modality Super Sprint, the first classifieds have been Juan Monroy (00: 35: 13) of the Team Mossegada team and Ruth Tarres (00: 40: 28) of the CN Valldoreix club. Finally, in modality Aquatlon, the first to pass through the goal have been Albert Gisbert (00: 26: 24) of the Rockets club and Monica Gimeno (00: 29: 49).

On the other hand, the Tri-Canarinhos by The Comminity (02: 15: 16) have been the winners in modality Olympic in relays and the Last Minute Tri (01: 02: 36) the winners in modality Sprint in relays.

The results of the triathlon are now available on the test website: www.justri.es/cambrils/

Photos: Blanca de la Sotilla

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