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Iván Álvarez will participate in the Challenge Madrid

The Madrid triathlete has confirmed that he will be on the starting line in the Madrileña long distance race.

The beloved triathlete Iván Álvarez, who suffered an accident in the first part of the season forcing him to discard the tests he had planned, now is already recovered and training again with which a new objective has been set: the Challenge Madrid, proves that the next September 22 will be played.

In his social networks he commented: "This is the face of happiness that I had during the whole morning, for going back to doing this photo in the elevator of my house, for going out to shoot with my grupetta and for feeling Triathlete. “

We asked him how he is doing and how he faces the test:

"After almost 2 months stopped by the accident and losing the first races of the season, including IM Vitoria, I'm going to focus on preparing with much love Challenge Madrid distance Full on September 22.

It is a test that makes me very excited as a good man from Madrid that I am.”

From Triathlon News we are glad that he returns to the "ring" and we hope to see him again in the competition.

More information about Challenge Madrid on their website  https://challenge-madrid.com/ 

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