Iván Gil Champion of Spain of Duathlon 2023

After the female test where María Varo it has been proclaimed Duathlon Spanish Champion In Soria it was the turn of the boys with a high level in the race.

The victory and the national title has gone to Ivan Gil Gomez from the Diablillos de Rivas Triathlon Club with a time of 56:50.

Second has been Nacho Galvez Ponce from Cidade de Lugo Fluvial (56:55) and third Anthony Benito Lopez, also from Cidade de Lugo Fluvial with a time of 56:59.ç

This is the moment of entry to the finish line.

Men's 10 Top

This is the table of the first 10 classified

Position Name Time
1 Ivan Gil Gomez 56:50
2 Nacho Galvez Ponce 56:55
3 Anthony Benito Lopez 56:59
4 Javier Martín Morales 57:00
5 Miquel Ángel Capó Crespi 57:15
6 Andres Cendan Llorens 57:20
7 Alberto Romero Esteve 57:24
8 Diego Mentrida Zamarra 57:28
9 Christopher Valenzuela Guerrero 57:30
10 ivan bridges barcia 57:32

There are no previous results.

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