Iván Raña will participate in the Ironman of Cozumel

The Galician triathlete will try his classification for Kona 2019 in a triathlon where last year he was third down from the 8 hours in the finish line and where in his debut in the distance he got the victory

 The competition has what is possibly the most beautiful swim in the Ironman circuit, 3800 m almost in a straight line bordering the Coral Reef. Cozumel, Later, the 3 cycling are 60km completely flat laps to finish with the marathon, where heat and humidity are expected. The triathletes will run in a circuit of 14,065 km until completing the 42,195 km.

Ivan commented on this in social networks, where he confirms his participation in the test that will be played in the November 18

In the test also appear in the list of exit, the Spanish Víctor Arroyo (7º last year), Matt Russel , Michael Weiss o Mauricio Mendez, Xterra 2016 World Champion. Ivan Raña was third in this test at 2017, where he debuted at Ironman with victory in 2012.

With the new classification system, to Iván Raña you only have to win in the test to qualify.

Iván, this year with his sixth participation in the Ironman of Hawaii, has become the first Spanish (in professional category) that has been finisher in the 6 test in a row, although Eneko Llanos holds the record for participations in the test with 12 competitions

In age groups, Jaime Menédez de Luarca has been the only triathlete who has been Finisher 6 times in Kona, although Iván Álvarez this year he was going to join the list, but he could not do it, since he had to retire this year due to 3 punctures on the bike that left him without options.

Photo: Instagram Iván Raña

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