Iván Raña enters the World Triathlon Hall of Fame

The Galician triathlete Iván Raña becomes the first Spanish athlete to enter the World Triathlon “Hall of Fame” just before the start of the Pontevedra Grand Final.

 The Galician Iván Raña has become the first Spanish triathlete included by World Triathlon in its “Hall of Fame”, in recognition of his successful sporting career during the gala dinner prior to the Grand Final of the Series World Cups taking place this weekend in Pontevedra.

Raña, a pioneer of this sport at the national level, was crowned the first Spanish world champion in 2002, and also achieved two other European champion titles and a gold in the Aquathlon World Cup, in addition to multiple victories in other events and three participations in the Olympic Games, in which he finished fifth on two occasions (Sydney 2000 and Beijing 2008).

"HIt was very nice and the previous speech by Javi Gómez Noya, whom I have known for more than twenty years, moved me. I can only say thank you and it is very special that they give me the Hall of Fame here in Pontevedra, in my house”said an excited Iván Raña after being recognized in the World Triathlon Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, José Hidalgo, president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, added to this beautiful recognition, pointing out the importance of the figure of the Galician in the history of this sport: “It has made me especially excited, because I saw Iván Raña grow from the beginning until he became a leader in triathlon worldwide.

He had to be the first to receive this award because he was the first to pave the way for the Spanish Trialtón, he was a pioneer. "


Although the recognition ceremony for Iván Raña and the welcome gala dinner took place this Wednesday at the Pontevedra Casino, the official opening will be on Thursday, September 21, starting at 19:00 p.m. with the start of the emotional flag parade in the that the majority of athletes who will compete in the different events this weekend will participate.

The parade begins in A Ferraría and ends at Praza do Concello, where the Opening Ceremony will take place starting at 19:30 p.m., welcoming the approximately 3.000 triathletes who have arrived at the “Boa Vila” these days. and will close with the spectacular performance by Pablo Méndez's company.


The Galician triathlete Javier Gómez Noya has been in charge of presenting the recognition ceremony for Iván Raña in the “Hall of Fame”, and although he will not participate in the final of the World Series as he is competing and focused on the long distance events, He wanted to highlight what the spectacular route is like:

"Having a Grand Final in Pontevedra is a historic event. Swimming is atypical due to the characteristics of the Lérez and its currents, which can lead to surprises when it comes to seeing who comes out of the water first.

It will be a very attractive moment for the public, since the test can be followed from the Tirantes bridge, the pedestrian walkway or from the banks of the river; which allows all triathletes to be easily identified.

The cycling segment is not too difficult, but the pace and level of the competition will be very high since there are Olympic places at stake. And the foot race is spectacular, with the streets full of people, with a great atmosphere, and with turns and climbs that will allow you to see many different attacks and strategies...

This type of route brings back some of the best memories I have as an athlete. Running through Pontevedra is a unique experience".

On the other hand, the five-time world champion announced that he will perform a surprise concert with his band, Liorta, at the Sala Karma, next Saturday.

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