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Ivan Raña breaks the chrono in the Ironman of Austria with 7: 48: 43

On the morning of today the Iroman of Austria was played where Ivan Raña has achieved an overwhelming victory by lowering the 7: 50 hours in an Ironman

Ivan who came out in the top group in the swim, I go up places in the cycling sector to be in the lead, a place that would not leave until the end.

In cycling, with an average of 42 k / h it went like a bullet on foot to get a time in 2 marathon: 43: 43 getting stop the chronometer in 7: 48: 43, Ivan that in the last meters was walking , he could lower even more this exceptional time.

Ivan has stayed very close to the record of the race that got him Marino Vanhoenacker in 2011 with a time of 7: 45: 58.

In second position I arrive Christian Kramer also going down the 8 hours with a time of 7: 54: 31 and completing the podium David Plese with a final time of 8: 02: 54.

raña, Ivan ESP 00:44:36 04:15:57 02:43:43 07:48:43 1 1
Kramer, Christian GER 00:44:30 04:18:26 02:46:46 07:54:31 2 2
Plese, David SLO 00:49:57 04:23:52 02:44:06 08:02:54 3 3


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