Ivan Raña sixth in the Auckland World Cup

Great end to the season for Ivan Raña, with a sixth place in the Auckland World Cup, which allows him to get valuable Olympic qualification points. Jose Miguel Perez, with his eleventh place, likewise allows Spain to consolidate at the end of 2011 the three men's places for the London Olympics, which have to be defended until the end of May 2012.

With an incredible atmosphere by the public present in the hard and demanding circuit of Auckland, at 14.45:2011 local time the last round of the XNUMX World Cup began. The swimming was dominated by the Slovakian Richard Varga with almost half a minute advantage over the large group, whose first units at the entrance to the first transition came Ivan Raña.

The 40 km of cycling on a tough circuit, involved a tough battle, which ended with Gemmell (NZL) and Davison (NZL) escaping from the group and arriving with a slight advantage in the second transition to start the last 10 km of the race on foot. , which crowned Kris Gemmell the winner in what was his fifth victory in a World Cup event. Docherty (NZL) and Fisher (AUS) accompanied Gemmell on the podium.

In the female category, the New Zealand Andrea Hewitt, was the great dominator, adding a new victory to her record in the World Cup, accompanied on the podium by the Japanese Sakimoto and Adachi; and where Zuriñe Rodríguez, the only Spanish representative, had to drop out in the cycling segment.

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