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Jairo Ruíz makes history in the Spanish Triathlon Championship

He was the first paratriathlete to participate in the elite category competing one on one with athletes without disabilities

Jairo Ruiz Keep making history in the Triathlon world. After having obtained the medal in the Rio 2016 games, yesterday in Roquetas de Mar, he participated in the Spanish triathlon championship in elite category ending in the 78 post of the test.

Jairo commented to the EFE agency «I am very happy with the result, things have gone even better than expected. Swimming I came out of the last but on a bike I soon hooked a group and I was not alone at any time which was the great fear I had“, Points to his excellent performance in the 20-kilometer cycling section where he gave up just over a minute over the leading peloton, rolling at 37 km / h.

On foot, he maintained the position to finish in 78th place out of a hundred participants. In fact, he wore the honorific number '100'. «I hope this will help to speak more about paratriathlon and help our sport grow«, An exemplary triathlete for whom there are no barriers confesses with optimism and who lives up to his club's slogan: 'Pride and passion”


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