James Cunnama retires from professional triathlon

After 14 years competing as a professional he has decided to retire

The South African triathlete James Cunnama He has announced on his social networks that the time has come for his professional retirement.

From 14 years competing  he will stop competing, but will continue to be linked to the world of triathlon.

James has won several IRONMANS such as that of France, Roth, Hamburg, Embruman , Florida and it became room in Kona in 2013 and fifth in 2014

This has been what he has published on social networks

"It was fun while it lasted ...

I am officially retiring from professional triathlon.

I have been offered an exciting opportunity that I couldn't pass up (more on that soon!), So 14 years after my first Ironman race, I have decided to hang up the jumpsuit and take on a new challenge.

When I started pursuing my 'professional career' all those years ago, the goal was to see if I could win a race and see some new places, and maybe earn as much money as I was spending on it.

Fourteen years later, I've won a few races, seen a few places, and probably have almost nothing left.

This won't be the last time you see me in the triathlon world (hint), but you won't see me on any other Pro starting lines (or morning swim squads for that matter!)."

From Triathlon News we wish you the best in your new stage


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