Jan Frodeno and Sebastian Kienle teach their anti-doping controls

They have published in their social networks the anti-doping controls they have had this 2019.

An example of these two IRONMAN World champions who have published in their social networks anti-doping controls They have had this 2019.

Kienle 16 and Frodeno 14

Jan Frodeno, IRONMAN World Champion in 2019, has had a total of 14 tests while Sebastian Kienle 16

This movement arises from a suggestion of several measures what did the German do Uli fluhme, founder of the Great New York Fund for fight it doping on the sport, as more controls outside the competition, the lack of connection with areas where there have been cases of doping etc.

Among them was one in which directly mentioned Jan Frodeno, due to his results, although he does not accuse him of doping.

In his tweet he commented

"I do not accuse Frodeno of doping. But he is suspicious simply because of his results, as is everyone else at his level.. "

To settle this controversy, Jan published the list of all the anti-doping controls he has had outside the competition this 2019

Meanwhile Sebastian Kienle He has followed the example of his countryman and yesterday published his controls on the net.

To which Frodeno replied that to his list one would have to add one more that was done just yesterday.

The example is spreading over the networks

After the Germans have published their test other athletes are following their example as they are Patrick Nilson o James Cunamma

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