Javier Gómez Noya, goes to the second appointment in the French league of clubs

On Sunday 22 Noya disputes in Dunkerke the 2nd scoring triathlon for the French Clubs League, enrolled in the EC Sartrouville (city of the northern belt of Paris).

In this League, what counts is the sum of places in the top three of each club (there are 16 in the 1st Division, with 5 triathletes each) and no individual classification is established. Sartrouville is undoubtedly the favorite, it was not in vain that they won the title in 2010 and swept the 1st round 2011 - Nice 24 April - as Javi and the British brothers Brownlee took the Top-3.

The world champion is going to take this race as a training of the highest quality for the big events in June: Madrid World Series and Pontevedra European Championship.

Being half of the Olympic distance, it can be done to the full without having to recover from the effort the following days: "«I have been at maximum intensity for several weeks and I will continue like this until the last of May; in the face of Dunkerke I have not done a tune-up but it is within the load cycle for Madrid. "

In the French League it is going to the top since the level is almost like that of the World Series and the fact that it is two weeks before the Casa de Campo is phenomenal ”.

source: Gómez Noya Press

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