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Javier Gómez Noya Champion of the World of Trialtón LD 2019. Pablo Dapena second.

Pablo Dapena has been second in the world runner-up.

The Galician triathlete Javier Gómez Noya He has achieved victory in his city, adding this world title to his vast palmares where he already has 9 world championships among the various disciplines as an elite athlete.

Today it has been played in Pontevedra the last world cup within the 2019 Multisport Festival, with the dispute of the LD World Championship.

The morning began with the announcement of the cut the swimming segment from 3.000 to 1.500 meters. Dapena and Noya, commented yesterday at the press conference prior to the competition that this measure could harm them, since they are very good swimmers compared to the rest of the competitors that a priori could be better cyclists.

The test started a little later than planned, due to clipping in swimming where the first to come out of the water was Javier Gómez Noya leaving with 10 seconds of advantage over the trio of Daniel Bakkegard, Sebastian and Pablo Dapena. Albert Moreno left at 2 minutes, Ander Okamina at 2:35, Gustavo Rodriguez at 4:14 and Ander Irigoien at 6.

Swimming water outlet

In the hard and demanding cycling circuit a group was formed in the lead with Noya, Dapena, Terenzo Bozzone who recovered in the first km the time lost in swimming, Bakkegard and Fraysse.

In the passage through the second lap, a group of 12 riders was already in the lead in just 20 seconds, in the passage through the third lap, the demanding circuit took its toll on many trialtetas, leaving the group at 7 units in 11 seconds, where were the Spanish Noya, Dapena, Moreno as well as Bozzone, Hogenhaug or Antony Costes.

Javier Gómez Noya in the cycling segment

Finally, upon arrival at the T2 Terenzo Bozzone arrived with 20 seconds ahead of Kovacic, 33 over Dapena and 40 over Noya and Moreno.

In the race on foot we quickly saw the great quality of Noya going up positions to go through the first lap of the circuit in the lead with already 17 seconds of advantage over Pablo Dapena and 28 over Bozzone. Albert Moreno was fourth, 52 seconds behind the head.

Noya, with a great pace was increasing its advantage to go through the second round with 1 minute advantage and with 2: 48 in the third over Dapena and 3: 24 over Bozzone heading for victory

Finally, Javier Gómez Noya has achieved the final victory with a time of 5: 05: 35. Pablo Dapena (5: 11: 21) has been second and Jaroslav Kovacic (5: 12: 09) third, but they have not reached the goal.

As for the rest of the Spanish Gustavo Rodríguez it was 12th, Ander Okamina 17º and Ander Irigoien 25º. Albert Moreno He has withdrawn from the test due to stomach discomfort.

Goal entry by Javier Gómez Noya

Goal entry by Pablo Dapena

Video summary


1 #21 Javier Gomez Noya ESP 05: 05: 39
2 #1 Pablo Dapena Gonzalez ESP 05: 11: 21 + 00: 05: 41
3 #7 Jaroslav Kovacic SLO 05: 12: 02 + 00: 06: 23
4 #3 Kristian Hogenhaug DEN 05: 12: 09 + 00: 06: 30
5 #23 Antony Costs FRA 05: 14: 18 + 00: 08: 39
6 #29 Daniel Bakkegard DEN 05: 15: 04 + 00: 09: 25
7 #31 Terenzo Bozzone NZL 05: 15: 22 + 00: 09: 43
8 #6 Miki Taagholt DEN 05: 15: 29 + 00: 09: 50

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