Javier Gómez Noya «if I already felt capable with 37 years I will also be with 38»

Noya and Carolina Marín have spoken at the Santander Talks 123aCorrer on line

Today the 123rd Ambassadors of Banco Santander Javier Gómez Noya y Carolina Marín They spoke online about their sporting desires in the start of de-escalation after confinement by Covid-19

Happy for returning to train more effectively, the two 123rd Ambassadors of Banco Santander They related their experiences and talked about their next challenges.

"My plans have already changed radically, not only because of the postponement of the Olympics."

With the Tokyo Olympics already on the horizon, Javier Gómez Noya explained how “my plans have already changed radically, not only because of the postponement of the Olympics.

It was also necessary to have competed in Bermuda, in Japan, ... and the training sessions all had to be modified.

If it hurts us that the Games are in 2021?

It is clear that those of us who are already of an age do not benefit much. But if I felt capable with 37 I will also be with 38. So I hope to be just as competitive ».

Noya did not want to speculate on the need for a vaccine to be found to participate with guarantees in Tokyo 2021 because “that is a question for the experts and not for the athletes.

I am in favor of competing as long as it can be done under normal conditions and without any risk.

If that implies that there has to be a vaccine then there will have to be one. We just hope that next year the conditions will be better. "

Gómez Noya, from roller to bicycle and the surreal experience of the inflatable pool

Once the outdoor training started, the triathlon world champion evaluated the possibility that “at the national level, you can compete in the last quarter.

I am aware that the International Federation is also evaluating it, but there are not too many guarantees at the moment ».

He already abandoned the roll and "the truth is that the first day you go out you find yourself very strange."

It seemed as if I was going to fall on the bike after so many months of roller and on roads that I had always been on, the truth is that I took a closer look and enjoyed the landscape more ».

Luckily, he assured, “I have had no problem when I went out to train, nor have the police stopped me, nor has anyone told me anything. In town they know me ».

It is the last thing I could have imagined I would use. To train swimming I got a plastic children's pool, but I have to say it has been effective.

Tied by the feet by a rubber band, at least I was able to make the stroke ». In any case, «all the preparation had to be reconsidered. Nor did it make sense to train excessively »and« as a percentage of form nothing is lost. The physical capacity is the same.

What is lost is skill. Regarding the rumor of the possible cancellation of Kona, Gómez Noya indicated that "if so I would focus on the Olympic Games", although "it is possible that the rest of my sports career will be dedicated to long distance.

But I don't think too much now either. I am focused on the Games because I think I can have options ».

I think in a couple of months I can be at my level

Javier Gómez Noya, who assured "I believe that in a couple of months I will be able to be at my level to compete, although there is no need to be in a hurry."

Both athletes did discard having to wear a mask to compete if necessary. "Maybe it can be viable when it comes to training, but I hope this situation does not come, I don't know what can block you.

What are now your dreams and illusions in sports?

For Javier Gómez Noya, "it is clear that in the short term we do not have objectives, but we must maintain the illusion and continue planning."


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