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Do you want to know what Javier Gómez Noya, Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza from the Super League Triathlon think?

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The test that will deputize in Jersey will be attended by Javier Gómez Noya, Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza.

Javier Gómez Noya

"I think the inaugural event on Hamilton Island exceeded everyone's expectations. New formats very entertaining, an incredible assembly, very good television coverage and an excellent treatment to the athletes. The appearance of the Super League is very good for the triathlon in general and I hope to participate in the next test".

Mario Mola Díaz

"The first test of the Super League on Hamilton Island was very tough, it put us all to the test in swimming, cycling and running on different orders to those we are used to. I do not think any of us expected it to be so hard, but I really enjoyed suffering in the race. Now that I am a little more familiar with the formats, I will prepare a little better Jersey to try to climb a step on the podium".

Fernando Alarza

"The truth is that one is a very good opportunity to compete in the Super League Triathlon, I like it since it is a super explosive and new format in our sport. They are very explosive races that come well to my characteristics, since they are races with little rest and very tactical.

It's a new format that will be the first time I do, I'm happy because they invited me and what they have to participate in this spectacular competition what is good for both us and our sport triathlon"

Jonny Brownlee

«I lost Hamilton Island because of an injury, but I was watching the races and I know that the format of the Super League Triathlon suits me well. Jersey will be bright, with conditions not as wet as on Hamilton Island, and I'm looking forward to competing in the Super League there for the first time«.

You can see all the information about the test in this link

Photo: Delly Car

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