Javier Gómez Noya third in the Leeds World Series

The victory has been for Jacob Birtwhistle

Today it has been played in Leeds (England) the fourth round of the Triathlon World Series, where a duel in style was expected with the Brownlee brothers (Alistair and Jonathan) and the trio with Javier Gómez Noya, Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza, Vicente Hernández y Antonio Serrat.

To this duel the young British has united Alex Yee, which with the best time in the past Yokohama WTS and with today's race has shown that he must be taken into account for this season, the Olympic games and future world series

After the female test where Georgia Taylor-Brown he has achieved his first victory in a WTS, the guys have not disappointed us and we have seen one of the most exciting races of the last years.

The test began with the 1.5 km of swimming where the first to get out of the water was Henri Schoeman followed by a very stretched group with Alistair Brownlee 7th to 7 seconds, Jonathan Brownlee 11th to 9, Javier Gómez Noya 13th to 13, Vicente Hernández 17th to 15, Fernando Alarza 20th to 17th, Antonio Serrat 29th to 22nd and finally to Mario Mola He starts at 35 with 48 seconds behind the head of the race.

After a quick transition into T1, the Brownlee brothers took the lead in the 28-unit lead group looking to toughen up the race in the cycling segment. Mario Mola came out in the chasing group about 1 minute behind where the British Alex Yee was also.

Shortly after the first round, the youngest of the Browels left with the Frenchman Dorian Coninx to get an advantage of 6 seconds in the second round. Behind the mola group was losing time going to 1: 07 of the head of the race.

In the following laps with the group already united, an intense pace was maintained until with 10 km to go to leave the bike Alistair Brownlee and Russell White attacked in search of reaching T2 with an advantage.

Finally Chente arrived first at the T2 with a few seconds of advantage over the group, with all the options for victory by the favorites. The group of Mola and Yee arrived at the transition with 1: 02 minute of disadvantage on the first ones of the race.

In the first kilometer of the foot race, the group broke up with an attack from the German Jonas Schomburg, leaving the Spaniards and Alistair slightly behind, but little by little they caught up with the group where the Brownlee brothers were.

In the passage through the first round Jonas Schomburg was the leader with 8 seconds ahead of the group that was less unified, where ALISTAR Brownlee and Antonio Serrat had taken off a little by going to 15 seconds

Little by little Noya's group, who began to pull, was cutting the distance with the German, to reach him halfway through the course. Alarza was still in the group, and Jonathan Bronwlee was beginning to drop.

South African Henry Schoeman attacked shortly after taking a lead of a few seconds, definitively breaking the group of Noya, Jacob Birtwhistle, McElroy and Sam Ward.

On the last lap with the 5 in the lead the Australian Jacob Birtwhistle He made a strong attack, leaving alone and allowing him to take the victory with a time of 1:45:12. He has achieved the best time in the foot race with 00:30: ”1

Behind in the fight for the podium, we saw a beautiful duel with Javier Gómez Noya y Matthew Mcelroy  to finally see how Noya got the third place behind Mcelroy

Fernando Alarza it has been ninth, Antonio Serrat 19º, Vicente Hernández 22º and Mario Mola 29 coming to 2:48 of the test winner. The young british Alex Yee, with the fifth fastest running time, he finished in 15th place

WTSLEEDS 2019 Men's Ranking

Athlete Country Lap Time Time / Difference
Jacob Birtwhistle  AUS 0:07:44 1:45:12
Matthew McElroy  USA 0:07:50 01:45:19 +00:00:07
Javier Gomez Noya  ESP 0:07:52 01:45:21 +00:00:09
Henri Schoeman  RSA 0:08:02 01:45:31 +00:00:18
Sam Ward  NZL 0:08:13 01:45:42 +00:00:30
Vincent Luis  FRA 0:08:04 01:45:46 +00:00:34
Marten Van Riel  BEL 0:08:04 01:45:47 +00:00:35
Pierre Le Corre  FRA 0:08:04 01:45:47 +00:00:35
Fernando Alarza  ESP 0:08:05 01:45:49 +00:00:37
Jonas Schomburg  GER 0:08:09 01:45:52 +00:00:40
Antonio Serrat Seoane  ESP 0:08:24 01:46:47 +00:01:35
Vicente Hernandez  ESP 0:08:39 01:47:20 +00:02:08
Mario Mola  ESP 0:08:29 01:48:02 +00:02:48

Fernando Alarza third and Javier Gómez Noya fourth of the world

Fernando Alarza third in Abu Dhabi, ninth in Bermuda, sixth in Yokohama and ninth in Leeds, falls to third place in the world.

Noya with the third place achieved today goes up to fourth place in the Ranking, where Vicent Luis continues as leader with 3.200 points.

Name Last Name Total Tests Total Points
Vincent Luis 4 3200
Henri Schoeman 4 2678
Fernando Alarza 4 2605
Javier Gomez Noya 3 2572
Alex Yee 3 1993
Dorian Coninx 4 1908
Sam Ward 3 1905
Jacob Birtwhistle 4 1881
Léo Bergere 4 1780
In my opinion Bicsák 3 1769

Next appointment Montreal 

The next appointment of the WTS 2019 will be in Montreal (Canada) on June 28. Before that, the Mixed relay event will also be played in England in Nottingham on June 15

Noya "I'm happy, two podiums in 3 races is fine for my goal is to qualify for Tokyo"

After the race, Noya commented to ITU commentators

"I have not felt very well neither the water nor on the bike, but it has felt much better in the race

Always a podium is positive, cycling has been very hard at all times and it has not been possible to complete any break

I'm happy, two podiums in 3 racing is fine for my goal is qualifying to Tokyo"

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