Javier Gómez Noya Oro in the Grand Final of the World Series

In a spectacular final sprint, Javier Gómez Noya has achieved victory in the Grand Final of the Triathlon World Series. The competition has taken place this early morning Spanish time in Auckland (New Zealand). The day was marked by adverse weather conditions, which added to a circuit of extreme hardness.

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The Slovak Richard Varga has established the differences since the beginning of the 1.5 km of swimming, getting a gap of more than 18 seconds after the first of the two laps. Next, the British Jonathan Brownlee, Petzold, Gemmell, Vasiliev and Bryukhankov followed in their wake. At the end of the sector, Varga and Brownlee were heading to the T1 in the lead with a considerable advantage.

While Iván Raña has been the best Spaniard in this segment, finishing in 17th position. Behind Gómez Noya finished 21st, more than 46 seconds behind the leaders, and Mario Mola has come out of the water in 25th place.

The Ferrolano has had to overcome positions in the section of 40 km cyclists to link with the leading group. The persecuting squad formed by Gómez Noya, Raña, Gemmell, Bryukhankov and Fabian, among others, has worked hard to reduce the distances with the leaders. The sector has had to heavy rain as an additional protagonist of a very hard and technical circuit, in which all the contenders have also set a very strong pace.

On the fourth lap and after a great job, the pursuit platoon hunted down Brownlee and Varga to form a group of 15 triathletes leading the team. Soon Gemmell local has escaped the rest getting an income of 22 seconds, and with two laps Ordes triathlete also off the rest in search of the local triathlete.

In the stretch of 10 km of race Gómez Noya, Brownlee and Riederer have gone up to reach the New Zealander, to then play the medals between them. Behind, Raña remained in the fight in the first positions of the persecuting group.

In the end and after a titanic duel, Gómez Noya attacked in the absence of 200 m in a thrilling final sprint, to cross the finish line in first position and proclaim champion of the Auckland Grand Final. While Brownlee has entered second place just a few seconds away from Galician. While the Swiss Sven Reiderer has hung the bronze medal.

For his part, a splendid Iván Raña has entered the top-ten, with a brilliant eighth place. While the Mallorcan Mario Mola got the 24th position.

In this way, the youngest of the Brownlee gets his first World Champion title. While Gómez Noya rises with the runner-up after a dream season, with the conquest of the silver medal in the past JJ.OO. From london. The third place in the ranking was Russian Dmitry Polyanskiy.

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