Javier Gómez Noya continues with his preparation in South Africa

The Galician triathlete, Javier Gómez Noya, has been in Stellenbosch for almost a month, on the outskirts of Cape Town (South Africa), an ideal place to train at this time of the year, since they are at the end of summer and enjoy good conditions atmospheric as well as facilities and roads ideal for elite triathletes.

As planned, Javier has been increasing the quantity and quality of the sessions, supervised by his coach Omar González and accompanied by other Spanish triathletes as well as by South Africans and other countries who are there at this time.

A state of form that is still far from being the maximum, the one that he will try to reach in August for the Olympic Games, but that is growing as planned: "I am already looking forward to competing. I am training without setbacks, noticing how the level improves in cycling and running and maintaining the one I achieved for the Galician championships at Christmas. Starting in April, it will be time to compete in triathlons that will help us to verify that the Olympic preparation is on the right track. Coming here has been a success, it is a sensational place both for the environment and for the triathlon atmosphere. And also having Omar, Ramón Ejeda and Pedro Miguel Reig with me makes me feel at home”.

They now have less than two weeks left there, after which they will return to Spain to continue with the planned training and competition plan, of which we will continue to inform you promptly.

source: Gómez Noya Press

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