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Javier Gómez Noya: «We are a world power»

In the meeting he mentioned that he is excited about the path that the 2020 has and with the clear objective of the Olympic games.

The Galician triathlete, five-time ITU World Champion, Javier Gómez Noya has been at the presentation of the official clothing of the FETRI this Friday.

In the meeting he mentioned that he is excited about the path that 2020 has and with the clear objective of the Olympic games.

The triathletes who will be in Tokyo are not yet known, although everything indicates that this Mario Mola, the only one who has already achieved the place, Javier Gómez Noya and Fernando Alarza.

In this article we made an analysis of the situation that the Spaniards in the Olympic Ranking

In an interview published by the sports world, Noya comments

“In the male category we are one of the main powers. "

The three who go to the Games will be triathletes who have been on world podiums and the options for medals are real.

Now, obviously, it is a one-day test and it is very difficult to get there and get it, but I think we are in a very good situation, ”he said in the presentation of the new kit for the Spanish triathlon team for the 2020 season.

In the female category, especially this year, the girls have risen a lot, they are doing very well and they also have possibilities.

"It is very nice if you are Spanish to see the triathlon test because we will have a chance to win medals»

It is an important year for all of us in the fight for the Olympic Games. My goal is to classify myself and prepare as well as possible. Train myself the best I know to arrive at the best time.

If I have decided to want to be an Olympian again, after having done my first steps in the long distance, it is because I think I am competitive and capable of achieving good results and I can be in the fight with the best, "he explained.

Until the end of July and through "hard work", Spain will have the opportunity to put together a team of guarantees.

"We are a world power, it is clear just by seeing the results."

Fortunately, the fan who goes to see the Games will see the Spanish fight for the medals.

As a triathlete who has been competing a lot, it makes me feel very proud to see everything that is being achieved and the good results that are being obtained, ”he said.

Starting in March, he will train again in Spain

Starting in March, I will be here again, at my home in Galicia, and from there I will prepare for the competitions.

Getting the medal is usually a result of very hard work. You cannot think about the medals, you have to focus on your preparation.

The only thing you can do as an athlete is to work hard and try to get the best possible result and then if a medal comes, that's great.

We have been using this kit for several years now, for the athlete there will be no variation, the color has simply changed a bit and I hope it will bring us success, "concluded Javier Gómez Noya.

This is the team photo of the new kit


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