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Javier Lluch, European triathlon runner-up in Sub 23 category

Valencia has hosted the U23 Triathlon European Championship and European Paratriathlon Championship in a day in which the weather conditions have allowed the tests to be held without setbacks, and with the local triathlete Javier Lluch as a great protagonist to get the silver medal in the 23 sub test.

The men's event was the one that closed yesterday's competitions, and it was vibrant until the end. The first two segments were not decisive, so a large group reached the second transition together to fight for podium positions in a very open way.

It was the Valencian Javier Lluch the one who from the beginning set a better rhythm escaping with the British Dijkstra. Behind, a second group led by Roberto Sánchez, who also competed at home, tried not to lose his trail.

Finally, Javier Lluch came in second, greeting his friends and family before crossing the finish line. Finally, the third place on the podium went to the Swedish Sandör.

The rest of the Triarmada was classified as follows: Roberto Sánchez 7º, Romaric Forqués 23º, Alberto González 29º, and Carlos Oliver left.

Previously, in the women's race, the podium was led by the German Lisa Tertsch, being second the French Pauline Landrón and, bronze, for the Russian Valentina Riasova. All three marched in the chase group in the bike segment, and dropped 15 seconds behind the race leaders.

. Along with them was the Spanish Sara Guerrero, who in the end was the best of ours in the finish line finishing in eighth place. As for the rest of the national triathletes, Valencian Noelia Juan was 14th, María Rico 25th and Paula Herrero 42nd in her international debut in a European Championship. Finally, Claudia Pérez could not finish.

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European Paratriathlon Championship

Saturday's competitions in Valencia started with the European Paratriathlon Championship, which left at three in the afternoon after the measures taken during the previous days due to weather conditions.

The Spanish Triathlon Federation had a wide representation that added a good number of medals for the national expedition.

Susana Rodríguez and your guide Paula García Godino (PTVI) achieved gold in the women's category. In the same PTVI class, José Luis García y Ángel Salamanca They also finished first on the podium, accompanied by Hector Catalá and his guideto Gustavo Rodríguez. In PTS3 class, the man from Madrid Dani Molina climbed to the top of the podium

. For its part, Jairo Ruiz (in the PTS5 class) he added a new medal to his international record, achieving the silver medal. And finally, the canary Lionel Morales achieved bronze in PTS2.

As for the rest of the para-armed group, Eva Moral, in the PTWC class, finished fourth; and Rakel Mateo, fifth in PTS2. In the men's races, Kini Carrasco was fifth (PTS3), Juan Jesús Aguiar 11th (PTS4), José Manuel Quintero 10th (PTWC) and José Joaquín Martínez Rincón 7th (PTS2).


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