Jelle Geens wins the Abu Dhabi WTS

Antonio Serrat has been fifth

Today it has been played in Abu Dhabi the second quote of the Triathlon World Series 2022 where many of the regulars have been in the WTS.

The test that broke with two groups in cycling has been contested under sprint distance has been very even until the final part, where 17 triathletes arrived together at T2 with

In the foot race, everything was decided, taking the victory in the test the Belgian Jelle Geens with a time of 52: 21

In the second position he entered Vicent Luis (52: 26) followed by Bence Bicsák (52: 29) in third position.

Antonio Serrat has been fifth and Roberto Sánchez Mantecón 15º.

Antonio equals his best result in the WTS

With this fifth place Antonio equals his best result in a world series, after having been fifth in the WTS Hamburg 


Pos Athlete Country Time / Difference
1 jelle geens  BEL 0:52:21
2 Vincent LOUIS  FRA 00:52:26 +00:00:05
3 Bence BICSÁK  HUN 00:52:29 +00:00:08
4 Pierre RUNS HIM  FRA 00:52:35 +00:00:14
5 Antonio SERRAT SEOANE  ESP 00:52:38 +00:00:17
6 Tyler MISLAWCHUK  CAN 00:52:42 +00:00:21
7 Basque VILACA  BY 00:52:47 +00:00:26
8 hayden wilde  NZL 00:52:55 +00:00:34
9 kenji nener  JPN 00:52:59 +00:00:38

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