Joan Pedrero 5º in the Dakar Rally points to the Half Challenge Barcelona

The canetense motorcycle pilot Go Pedreros will participate in the Half Challenge Barcelona, after a bet made with a friend that happened to be among the first 5 in the past Rally Dakar.


In an interview yesterday live on the program "La Banqueta" of Radio Calella, Pedrero recognized that he was doing well on the bike and running, and that his main handicap is swimming, for which he is preparing intensely these last days. Pedrero said that swimming makes him work muscles that the motorcycle was not used to moving so much, which has caused injuries to his shoulder.

As for the bike, the most complicated for Pedrero are the climbs, due to its height-1'90m-and weight -94 kilos-, since it states that it falls "like a bolt of lightning".

The pilot from Catania said that the main objective is to finish the race doing it as well as possible, and in a humorous bet with Mr. Braulio said that if he finishes among the first 50, he will participate in the Challenge - the long-distance triathlon - a test he did not initially have in mind since he faces many challenges.

As for its continuity with KTM has ensured that still do not know if it will continue, but would like to be the benchmark. However, he notes that there are others "that squeeze hard".


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