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Jordi García wins the Triathlon European Cup in Valencia

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Spain gets the Gold and Bronze in the men's event in the European Cup of Triathlon in Valencia

Today has been played in Valencia the Triathlon European Cup in the framework of Mediterranean Triathlon where Jordi García has won the victory Ignacio González has climbed to third place on the podium

The swimming was very fast where David Castro and Kevin Tarek came out ahead of a very stiff group. In the 40 km of cycling a group of 25 triathletes was formed in the race where the Spaniards were and the rest of the favorites that rolled together until they reached the T2.

Jordi Garcia was the first in the transition leaving very fast to run, shortly after a group of 6 units with Ignacio Gonzalez and David Castro was enough to go together until the last few kilometers where Jordi left, the Frenchman Guebeur and Ignacio González,

Finally in the last meters Jordi García he left to get the final victory followed by the French Guebeur and by Ignacio González occupying the third final position

noticias_08_banne-mediterranea-triathlon-bottom Jordi García wins the Triathlon European Cup in Valencia News Triathlon

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