Jordi Montraveta second in the Challenge Cagnes Sur Mer

Sven Thalmann y Aurelia Boulanger have been proclaimed winners in the Challenge Cagnes Sur Mer, held today, Saturday, June 29.

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In the test Jordi Montraveta has achieved a creditable second place, after having won the Slot for the IRONMAN Kona in Lanzarote.

The day began with a group of six triathletes, led by the Swiss Sven Thalmann, dominating the 1900 meter swim.

Thalmann came out of the water first with more than 1 minute ahead of a second group led by Jack moody. The Spanish Jordi Montraveta, for his part, completed the swimming segment alone, leaving the water with just over 4 minutes over the race leader.

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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

In the cycling segment, Montraveta demonstrated its quality and achieved the best time on the climb to the Col de Vence. This effort allowed him to finish second at T2 where he covered just over 3 minutes over Thalmann and was just 1:10 behind the Swiss.

The 21-kilometre run was a duel between Thalmann and Montraveta, both marking an identical split for many kilometres.

Finally, Sven Thalmann crossed the finish line in first place with a time of 3:58:53, closely followed by Montraveta, who finished just 54 seconds behind the Swiss.

Simon Viain he completed the podium, arriving 2:27 minutes after the winner. The men's top 5 was completed Jack moody and the German Marcel Bolbat.

In the female category, Aurelia  Boulanger took the victory with a time of 4:33:27, followed by Heini Hartikainen and by  Christine Agnew third..

Final results

Top 5 Men

  1. Sven Thalmann (Switzerland) – 3:58:53
  2. Jordi Montraveta (Spain) – 3:59:47 (+54 seconds)
  3. Simon Viain (France) – 4:01:20 (+2:27 minutes)
  4. Jack moody (New Zealand) – 4:02:01 (+3:08 minutes)
  5. Marcel Bolbat (Germany) – 4:02:36 (+3:43 minutes)

Top 5 Feminine

  1. Aurelia Boulanger (France) – 4:33:27
  2. Heini Hartikainen (Finland) – 4:35:16 (+1:49 minutes)
  3. Milan Christina Agnew (UK) – 4:40:03 (+6:36 minutes)
  4. Nikita Paskiewiez (Monaco) – 4:45:04 (+11:37 minutes)
  5. Diede diederiks (Netherlands) – 4:45:21 (+11:54 minutes)


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