Jordi Montraveta second in the IRONMAN 70.3 Andorra

Erik Merino and Laura Gómez have been fourth and Albert Moreno fifth

The Andorran lands have lived the celebration of the IRONMAN 70.3 Andorra, which has served to close the second edition of the Andorra Multisport Festival.

A triathlon event, organized by The IRONMAN Group, which has allowed its participants to discover the crystal clear waters of Lake Engolasters -with a temperature of 16°C-, the roads and ports of the north of the Principality and, finally, the environment and the charm of the Andorran capital.

The day has remained warm, with temperatures hovering around 25°C in the morning, but rising to 30°C at midday.

Amberger clicks and Viain takes the first position

The test started well for Josh Amberger, who completed the swimming section in just 23.29 minutes, cutting the second-placed Frenchman Simon Viain by an exact minute. A

However, he has been losing energy on the tough climbs of Coll de Ordino, losing the lead around kilometer 60 and finishing the bike section in third position.

Jordi Montraveta has been the great leader of the cycling segment and, despite having come out of the water in seventh position, he ended up being more than a minute behind Viain and 2.17 minutes behind Amberger.

The Frenchman and the Catalan have maintained a disputed sporting fight through the streets of Andorra la Vella, in which Viain has ended up cutting Montraveta by almost two minutes.

Behind him, the Italian Gregory Barnaby has arrived, who has maintained a very constant pace throughout the entire test and finally had to grit his teeth seeing how Erik Merino was cutting time until he crossed the finish line in just four seconds. behind him.

Amberger has finally finished in sixth position, behind fellow Catalan Albert Moreno, who has been climbing positions throughout the test.

Top 5 Men 
  Swim  bike  Run  Overall 
Simon Viain (FR) 00:24:30 02:41:25 01:13:58 04:24:19
Jordi Montraveta Moya (ESP) 00:26:39 02:38:11 01:16:59 04:26:03
Gregory Barnaby (IT) 00:24:32 02:42:50 01:14:58 04:26:25
Erik Merino (ESP) 00:28:07 02:43:07 01:11:04 04:26:29
Albert Moreno Molins (ESP) 00:26:39 02:43:37 01:13:02 04:27:44

Solid victory for Ashleigh Gentle 

In the women's category there have been no big surprises for the great favorite, Ashleig Gentle, who has managed to maintain a safety margin with respect to the second classified throughout the entire triathlon.

Gentle had already cut almost two minutes off the American triathlete, Amy Cymerman, when they came out of the water and as the test progressed she gained time.

During the bicycle section, the French Jean Collonge was placed in second position, but she was unable to keep up the pace in the last stage.

  This is how Cymerman has regained second position during the 21 km race on foot, while Gentle, for his part, enjoyed the Andorran atmosphere through the streets of the capital, where he has still been able to cut a few more minutes from the rest of the triathletes.

Finally, the Italian Giorgia Priarone ended up being the third classified and Collonge, on the other hand, was forced to slow down, also surpassed by Laura Gómez, who crossed the finish line in fourth position.

Top 5 Feminine 
  Swim bike Run Overall
Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) 00:26:03 03:04:33 01:18:31 04:53:42
Amy Cymerman (USA) 00:27:56 03:14:08 01:20:01 05:06:49
Giorgia Priarone (IT) 00:29:04 03:13:49 01:28:43 05:16:18
Laura Gomez (ESP) 00:27:57 03:14:36 01:30:07 05:18:15
Jeanne Collonge (FR) 00:29:03 03:11:21 01:33:45 05:19:43

Successful end of the Andorra Multisport Festival

Andorra has lived ten days of the most intense during the celebration of the second edition of the Andorra Multisport Festival, which has brought to the Principality high-level sports events on road bicycles, MTB, trail run and triathlon.

The festival, which has quickly become one of the most important in its field, has stood out for the general increase in the number of registrants, who have received unbeatable impressions of the Andorran landscapes and the activities carried out.

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