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Jorge Spain, the first deafblind to complete a triathlon

Jorge Spain, deafblind by birth with 33 years has achieved his challenge and has completed the Zaragoza triathlon

Yesterday we told you that Jorge Spain, deaf Blind of birth with 33 years was going to participate for the first time in a triathlon today 14 of July in Zaragoza. The objective was for Jorge to have the experience and to know the sensations of participating in a triathlon.

Well, we have the good news that you have completed it with the help of Mapi and Jesús Sánchez, president of FATRI,

Deafblind people communicate through the sign language supported, a variant that uses touch. For this Mapi and Jorge touch each other continuously, they embrace, she gives him her hand to guide him, he puts his hand on her neck to feel the vibration of the voice and the heart rate. The connection is total.

image001-35 Jorge Spain, the first deafblind to complete a Triathlon News Triathlon
GUILLERMO MESTRE / Jorge Spain with his Mapi triathlon at the Zaragoza Triathlon

Today they have participated in the Triathlon of Zaragoza, with exit in the fluvial port of Vadorrey. Jorge and Mapi where they have swum 400 meters in the Ebro, 7 route in kilometers in a tandem and run 1,5 kilometers of the hand to the finish line completing the race in a time in goal of 1: 29: 18.

He has also achieved the victory in the PT category in which he participated.


I had already done swim crossings

Jorge started swimming more seriously when he met Mapi, four years ago. Together they have made the Crossing of the Sea of ​​Almazora (Castellón) in open waters (1,8 kilometers) three years, in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Last year, the idea emerged of going a step further and preparing a triathlon

All an example of overcoming that we want to share with you.

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