José Almagro and Adriana Charry, Champions of Madrid of Duathlon Cros 2012

The Madrid town of Tres Cantos hosted yesterday the Madrid Community Duathlon Cros Championship, where Jose Almagro, from Club Santander and Adriana Charry, from the Madrid University Triathlon club, were proclaimed winners in this modality.

Valid test to know the title both individually and in the Duathlon Cros Clubs League, brought together the best athletes of the moment.

Despite the fact that the cold and the wind were present at all times, we were able to see once again a tireless Jose Almagro, with a time of 1:06:02, who did not hesitate for a single second to show the attendees his prowess on the MTB achieving a clear advantage of 1'30 over the second classified in this cycling segment and, which gave him the opportunity to face the last leg of the race on foot with complete peace of mind to be able to enjoy, for the third consecutive year, this well-deserved victory of Champion of the Community of Madrid of Duathlon Cros. Alexis Rodríguez, Independiente, achieved second place with a time of 1:07:33 and Hector Guerra from the Val D Europe Team Cycliste club, completed this podium.

In the female category, a new name joins the ranks, the duathlete from Madrid Adriana Charry, from the Club Triatlón Universitario de Madrid with a total time of 1:19:15 took the title. She followed by Anais Tommy and Lucía Pérez, both from the Diablillos de Rivas club, a well-deserved second and third place on the podium.

In teams, the members of the Marlins Moratalaz club were proclaimed Team Champions of the Community of Madrid League in the Cros Duathlon modality. In the female category, Diablillos de Rivas took victory.

Once they reached the finish line, Jose Almagro was satisfied with the result obtained "Despite the fact that the preparation with which I have come to face this test was not as expected and on the starting line we could see great duathletes of the moment who , together with the cold and the wind have made the circuit harder, I managed to get the victory. I am happy to once again have this title in Duathlon Cross”. For the second classified Alexis Rodírguez “despite fighting for first place, I feel very happy to share the podium with Jose Almagro and Héctor. For me, José Almagro is the best duathlete of the moment and I am proud to be able to compete with him"

From the hand of Laetus, the town of Tres Cantos celebrates its twentieth anniversary in hosting this test. For Mario Chuan, from the Department of Youth and Sports of the Tres Cantos City Council, “This city brings together a large number of athletes, facilities and fans of sports. We are proud that, after twenty years celebrating this event, Tres Cantos has positioned itself today as a benchmark in this sport"


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