Jose Almagro and Natalia Raña Champions of the Community Cup of Madrid Duathlon 2011

The official ranking of the 2011 Community Cup corresponding to the Duathlon discipline has already been published, where José Almagro of the Run2Chema Triathlon club has risen to first place with a total of 303 points, followed by the triathlete of the Club Tri-val Triathlon Valdemoro Fernando Domínguez with 299 points and finally in third position Nereo del Nero Montes of the Duathlon Team Palazuelos club with a total of 293 Points.

In the female category, the first three classified belong to the Club Diablillos de Rivas, where Natalia Raña has been proclaimed Champion with a total of 299 points, followed in second position by María Jose Encinas with a score of 295 points, with Adriana Charry occupying third place with 294 points.

The 2011 circuit has been made up of the Tres Cantos Duathlon, the Rivas Duathlon, the Villa de Madrid Duathlon and finally the Pinar de San José duathlon.

The champion of the ranking is determined by adding the three best scores among the four tests that make up the Duathlon cup, discarding the worst result to obtain the final score.

Regarding the ranking of clubs, the Club Diablillos de Rivas has been proclaimed champion of the 2011 Community Cup with a total of 3291 points, followed by Ecosport de Alcobendas with 2626 points and in third place the Marlins Triathlon with a final score of 2568 points .

The scoring events to determine the champion of the club community cup in 2011 have been the Tres Cantos Duathlon, the Rivas Duathlon, the Villa de Madrid Duathlon and the Pinar de San josé duathlon.

The classifications and current regulations for 2011 can be consulted through the following link:

There are no previous results.

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