José Hidalgo, re-elected president of the FETRI

The new Board of Directors will be made up mainly of women, a historical fact in Spanish Federative Sports

José Hidalgo has been re-elected president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation after the celebration of the General Assembly *.

 The leader, who had previously met the requirements set forth in the electoral regime with a total of 49 endorsements with which confirmed the support of all federal states, faces the new period of FETRI management with maximum enthusiasm and with a ambitious strategic plan based on four fundamental pillars: Governance, Competitions and Services, High Competition and the Social Sphere and Transversality.

 In his 2020-2024 plan good governance of the Federation goes through raising the brand of triathlon, transparency and digital transformation.

In addition, field of competitions aims to give more and better services to competitions and provide full support and assistance to the athlete and the organizers, for which innovation is essential. 

 In the line of the High competition will work for the technification of triathletes and paratriathletes, the detection of talent from the base and all this without forgetting the importance of training and their coaches.

Equality, sustainability and transversality of sport It is the last of the master lines that a responsible project covers.

 José Hidalgo presented his strategic plan for the next cycle assuring that “will follow fundamental guidelines and objectives: to be egalitarian and inclusive, sustainable and committed to the environment.

And we will also be exemplary in the continuous digital and audiovisual evolution, one of the fundamental axes in the short term. And always as a federation of services for its members, innovative and ambitious”.

 Fight for equality and unprecedented milestone: First Board of Directors with more women than men

 In his particular commitment and in that of the Federation itself, which he has presided over since 1998, the impulse for the equality of women in society is maintained, being reflected in the formation of a Board of Directors that has been composed with a majority presence of women.

It thus becomes the the first Federation in the history of Spanish sport with more women than men in its leadership.

 The Board will be formed as follows, in the absence of the latest appointments:

  •  José Hidalgo - President
  • Marisol Casado - Vice President
  • Gabriel Sáez - Social Vice President
  • Eva Ledesma - President of the Coaches Commission
  • Esther Sánchez - President of the Officers Commission
  • Maite González Hervás - President of the Federation of Castilla La Mancha
  • Vanesa Huesa - President of the Federation of the Valencian Community
  • Sara Herrero - General Secretary of the Madrid Federation
  • Lola Madrid - President of the TriSanse Club of San Sebastián de los Reyes
  • Jesús Sánchez - President of the Aragonese Triathlon Federation
  • Gonzalo Triunfo - President of the Galician Triathlon Federation
  • Juan Carlos Serrano - President of the Canarian Triathlon Federation
  • Francisco Soriano - President of the Alcobendas Ecosport Triathlon Club

 Hidalgo, who is also president of ADESP (Spanish Sports Association), in which most of the Spanish Sports Federations are integrated, both for Olympic and non-Olympic sports, as well as the head of CADE (Sports Advisory Council), said that “all the women on the Board of Directors have shown that they have done an impeccable job and are in this position because of their value”, explaining that "The Spanish Triathlon Federation believes in equality as the axis of sport and society".

 He wanted to underline the decisive role of Marisol Married, “a woman who has been and continues to be a reference for many women due to her leadership capacity and whose development has led her to be president of the International Triathlon Federation and member of the International Olympic Committee”.

 Hidalgo emphasizes that “the triathlon was born in equality where the efforts of men and women were developed in the same competition and had the same reward, not only in economic terms but also in recognition”.

Add that "The triathlon opted from the beginning for laying tracks and developing the means so that they could promote in an ecosystem such as this of sport”.

 * On August 29, 2020, the President and Delegate Commission of the FETRI will be provisionally elected and proclaimed within the General Assembly of said entity that is held in Madrid. During the assembly session, and at the expense of its final proclamation, which will take place on September 2, 2020 according to the electoral calendar, the President will announce the formation of the Board of Directors that will accompany him in the 2020-2024 legislature.

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