Jose Manuel Tovar will be this weekend in the couples triathlon, Guadalajara

The triathlete from Casare, sponsored by Marca Extremadura, will compete tomorrow in the Olympic Couples Triathlon, Guadalajara, which will serve as part of the preparation for the next Spanish Elite Triathlon Championships to be held in September and where Jose Manuel is always one of the favorites as well as treasure his last years where he does not get off the top four.

Tovar is facing this season with difficulties, where injuries are being his greatest impediment to perform at his best, but he hopes to finish the season successfully. »A few weeks ago in the Extremadura Triathlon Championship I felt very good and I was able to compete without pain in my knees, but after the competition I noticed pain again in training and although I have not stopped training and I am supporting the pain as I can, I trust that little by little the discomfort will dissipate and I will be able to enjoy the last training sessions and competitions of the season ».

In addition to the Couples Triathlon, Jose Manuel's training group will use the weekend for sightseeing in Madrid. »Little by little I am transmitting that this sport is not only training and competing, and for this competition we are 6 athletes and 5 companions where in addition to enjoying watching us compete they will be able to do tourism through sports, on Saturday we will go see monologues and on Sunday we will go to museums in Madrid, sport is the true quality of life, and not to party every weekend and eat hamburgers´´.

Along with Tovar will compete Águeda Rodríguez, María Eugenia Solana, Vero Tovar and Javier Barragán from the Cáceres Triathlon Club and Antonio Fabuel from the Extremadura Triathlon.


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