• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Josef Ajram will sponsor the actor Santi Millán for the Extreme Man by Artroactive of Menorca

Santi wants to reveal what are the tricks that consent to a normal staff become a triathlete and has accepted this difficult physical and mental challenge.

Will train for 15 weeks until September 23 when he will participate in the Extreme Man by Artroactive in Menorca where he will cover 113 kilometers swimming, pedaling and running.

The training plan has been developed by specialized sports nutritionists Inmunactive and sports health specialists from INEFC.

During the 15 weeks Santi Millán will be advised by a personal trainer, a nutritionist and a coach.

The goal of more than 200 hours of training and from his diet is to increase his physical strength, his resistance, strengthen his immune system, prevent injuries, work on transitions from one modality to the other and reinforce his motivation to resist training and the final test.

Santi will also have the presence of his friend Josef Ajram, expert in triathlons and long distance competitions.

The entire challenge will be monitored to see your physical and psychological evolution.

If you want to follow the challenge, click on the official website of the immunoactive challenge www.retoinmunactive.com

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