Josefina Flores and Sergio Marco win the MTRI Alicante Olympic triathlon

A great edition closes in Alicante with weather that has accompanied the triathletes on both days, removing the bad taste in the mouth of the last edition, in which rain was present from the first day.

The sun is the usual tone of the Alicante sky and this has been demonstrated this weekend. With practically all the numbers collected the previous days, only about thirty triathletes approached in the first hour marked by the organization for the last number collection, and directly began the control of material on the Postiguet beach.

The competition would start with the start of the federated men at 8.15 and 20' later with the non-federated men, to continue advancing rapidly with the women and couples, a new modality in this distance.

In the men's start, Joan Muñoz from the Gandia Triatló Club made his way as the leader of the event, completing the best swimming partial and entering T1 as the head of the competition.

However, a group of 4 cycling triathletes would quickly form, among which was Sergio Marco, a clubmate, who would end up setting the pace on the bike and also in the running race to distance himself from Muñoz, being first and second respectively.

The 3rd place would go to the triathlete living in Alicante, from the Orihuela JJTeam Triathlon Club, Marcos Pérez.

Josefina Flores imposed an unstoppable pace from the beginning, emerging first out of the water in the first lap, maintaining the position to enter T1 alone and complete the competition as the winner.

However, in cycling and running, it was not easy for the independent triathlete, Carlota Perurena, a regular at tests in the Valencian Community, who scored the best partial cycling and running, leaving her swimming. She entered the finish line 2nd, just 12” behind the UA Triathlon triathlete.

Cristina Torres from CT Mar de Vigo closed the podium, 1'22” behind the second place finisher.

New Olympic Couples modality

MTRI 2024 launched a new modality. Competing in pairs from start to finish in an Olympic event requires knowing how to manage rhythms well and a lot of harmony with your partner.

20 couples dared to take on the modality in Alicante, so the podium in this modality has been inaugurated in mixed couples, female and male.

MTRI Alicante has the support of Alicante Sports, the Alicante Provincial Council, and Turisme de la Comunitat Valenciana; as well as the collaboration of the 42K Running and Nutrisport brands. In addition, the Bouquet and CIM Formación brands are added. The test is co-organized by the Triatló Federation of the Valencian Community with the local club, Apolana Atletismo.

Next stop MTRI Castellón

Mediterranean Triathlon 2024 continues now with MTRI Castellon on July 6 and 7. The test has registration open until June 30 and already has more than 700 registered in all modalities of the competition.

There are no previous results.

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