Josemi gets the sixth place for Spain in the World Cup of Tiszaujvaros

Jose Miguel Pérez has managed to enter the TOP 10 of the Triathlon World Cup held today in Hungary. The first place on the podium was awarded to the Canadian Brent McMahon.

In a test that is beginning to be legendary on the international calendar, since it has been hosting the Triathlon World Cup since 1997, four Spaniards have represented Spain. José Miguel Pérez with a total time of 01:49:26, reached the finish line in sixth position, the three-time Olympian, Iván Raña, could not keep up with the pace imposed by the head of the race and reached the finish line in 32nd, followed by Jorge Naranjo, 44. Uxio Abuin did not finish the test.

The first place on the podium has been for the Canadian Brent McMahon, with a time of 01:48:16, since it has been defined in the foot race, in second position the Englishman Aaron Harris, who made his debut in the Copa del World of Edmonton and this time reached the finish line with a time of 01:48:22 and third place for the Hungarian Akos Vanek.

This test is part of the second cycle of qualifying tests for the 2012 Olympic Games. The next appointment will be on August 20 in the Swiss town of Lausanne, which will host the last test of the World Series, before the grand final in Beijing. .

There are no previous results.

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