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Juan Bautista Castilla "Chamba" sixth in the Ultraman World Championship

With the third place in the double marathon has finished in a great sixth position

During all this weekend, the Ultraman World Championship, where we had the presence of Spanish 5.

The test was to complete 515 kilometers on the island of Hawaii where each participant of the test will complete 10 km of swimming in the ocean , 421 km of cycling y 84 km of foot race with a double marathon.

Juan Bautista Castilla Arroyo, Delia Banus Pedreny  only Spanish female representative, Marc Siques LLagostera, Ignacio Quiles Lara  and Juan Luis Quero Guerrero they were our representatives in the test

The World Championship was divided into 3 stages

  1. Stage 1º 10 km swimming + 145 km cycling
  2. Stage 2 276 km cycling
  3. Stage 3º 84 foot race

In the first stage Richard Thompson and Rob Gray, winner of last year, were the best completing the 10 km of swimming and the first 145 km of cycling a bit below the 7 race hours. As for the women's test Tara Norton (8º in general) was the first to arrive followed by Mary Knott to 15 minutes. Cynthia Bartus was third to more than an hour and a half from Norton

On the second day where only cycling was competed over a distance of 276 km, Richard Thompson managed to extend the lead by completing the second day in 2:12:25 increasing the difference with respect to Rob Gray in 15 minutes. At this stage Juan Bautista "Chamba" moved to 11th place in the men's classification and Marc Siques finished 8th.

In the women's event Tara Norton continued as leader finishing the eighth in the general, increasing the advantage over Mary Knott to more than 30 minutes.

On the third and last day where the double marathon was held, Richard Thompson gave no truce and got the victory down from the 7 hours (6: 56: 24) completing the 3 days of competition and 515 km in a time of 22: 0926. Rob Gray last year's winner was second (23: 06: 58) followed by Petr Vabrousek (23: 32: 00).

Juan Bautista from 35 years of age he did a great double marathon with the third best time Completing it in 7: 01: 58 and going up to the sixth final position with a total time of 25: 47: 40. The other Spanish Marc Siques , finished in the 12ª position in the category and 13º of the general

In the female category Tara Norton not disappointed and got the victory with a time of 9: 34: 49 in the double marathon and a global time of 28: 19: 35, placing in the twelfth position of the general. Mary Knott (29: 34: 30) was second and Cynthia Bartus (30: 06: 19) occupied the third final position

As for the rest of Spanish Delia Banus y Juan Luis Quero  they could not complete the test as they withdrew on the second day. Ignacio quiles he had to do it in the first stage

Final standings

 Photo: Facebook Juan Bautista

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