Judith Corachán will be at Challenge Daytona after her accident

"The objective is to finish the race"

In the past week Judith Corachán published in his social networks that he had had a fall while training, where he suffered a severe blow to the head and a minor concussion, but no bones in the fall.

He is now in Daytona and will start in the test this coming Sunday. Judith is well aware that she will be competing greatly impaired by the fall and from which she is still recovering.

Taking the start will be an achievement for her and the main objective in Daytona will be to finish the competition

"The main objective has totally changed as a result of the accident. We will try to be on the starting list and finish the race.

It has been a very complicated week with the great shock of the accident, but every day I have gotten better, but although I still have consequences of the accident I want to compete on Sunday, because it is a unique opportunity and I hope I can finish the race, feel at least that strongest possible to be able to run.

The objective is to finish the race and be able to feel like a protagonist of this great test that the PTO has organized and to whom I am very grateful for all the support that they give us.. "


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