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Katie Zaferes wins the Abu Dhabi World Series

The North American has not had rival and begins the season with victory

After the doublet achieved by Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza in the men's race, the 13 women's test came to 00, which also ran on sprint distance.

In this test all eyes were on Vicky Holland (33 years), world champion last year and Katie Zaferes second, in a test where we had 4 Spanish triathletes where Carolina Routier, he returned to compete in the World Series after his accident, although he already reappeared in competition in the World Cup in Cape Town. The rest of Spanish in the test were Miriam Casillas, Sara Perez y Anna Godoy.

Swimming exit

The test began with the 750 meters of swimming, without the use of neoprene where the first to come out of the water was Jessica Leartmonth followed by Summer Rappaport, Katie Zaferes and Taylor Spivey. Carolina Routier was in fifth place at 6 seconds, Sara Pérez was leaving 11ª, Anna Godoy 12ª and Miriam Casillas at 35ª position. The reigning champion Vicky Holland finished the 16 segment at the head of the race.

In the cycling segment, we could also see that in the male test, falls in the same place, the first exit curve of the pits, making the athletes passing through this point were much more nervous.

In the first kilometers of the cycling segment a group of 7 units was formed with Katie Zaferes, Taylor Knibb, Jessica Lermonth, Emma Jeffcoat, Lotte Miller, Maya Kingma and Taylor Spivey s with 20 seconds ahead of the chasing group where Vicky was Holland in addition to all the Spanish ones.

Group chasing the cycling segment

Little by little they were extending the advantage to go through the second round to 27 seconds, the third to 44 and the fourth to 58 seconds. Finally the group of 6 units (Emma Jeffcoat was left off-hook) came with 1: 14 of advantage over the persecuting group of Holland, Gentle or Stanford among others. In this group came the Spaniards except Anna Godoy who suffered some incident in the test as she left the bike to 2: 44 of the head of the race.

After a quick transition Katie Zaferes took the lead by leaving alone, leaving behind her flight partners. In the passage through the first round, Zaferes remained in the lead with 5 seconds ahead of his compatriot Spivey and 10 over Leathmont and Knibb.

Finally Katie Zaferes he again distanced his pursuers to reach the finish line alone and get the victory with a time of 55: 31. The second classified has been Taylor Spivey (55: 57) followed by Taylor Knibb (55: 58). Vicky Holland It has been eighth

As for the Spanish Carolina Routier It has been 27º, Sara Perez 28º and Miriam Casillas 34º. Anna Godoy was 41ª.

Currently Spain has 2 seats for the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 ,.

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