Kenneth Vandendriessche and Lydia Dant win the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote

Today, in Puerto del Carmen, the 30th edition of the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote where a great triathletic atmosphere has been experienced throughout the day

The test that has had more than 1.300 participants began at 7 in the morning with the start of the 3.800 meters of swimming.

Victory for Kenneth Vandendriessche and  Lydia dant

In the men's event the victory went to the Belgian Kenneth Vandendriessche with a time of 8: 39: 56 followed by Matthias Peterson (8: 42: 45) and for Philip Bahlke (8: 51: 13) in third position.

Kenneth, who came out of the water 6:24 behind Pettersen and reached T2 5:42 behind Mathias Petersen, closed the gap in the running segment until he reached the lead at kilometer 30 of the marathon. .

From that moment on, he increased his advantage to achieve his first victory in the race.

His mark in the marathon was 2:40:37 (average 3:48 min/km)

The best Spanish has been Jordi Montraveta (9:04:35) with the eighth position. Nicholas Ward It has been 14º and Adrian Lainez 18o.

Top 10 male IRONMAN Lanzarote 2022

Site Name Time
1 Kenneth Vandendriessche  08:39:56
2 Mathias Petersen  08:42:45
3 philipp bahlke  08:51:13
4 Dominik Sowieja  08:52:35
5 Samuel Hurzeler  08:53:41
6 Michael Weiss  09:00:17
7 Maximilian hammerle  09:03:35
8 Jordi Montraveta Moya  09:04:35
9 Tobias Drachler  09:05:30
10 Bart Aernouts  09:09:14

In the women's category the victory went to the British Lydia dant who came out second from the water at 1:37 from Elisabetta Curridori and took the lead a few kilometers into the bike to reach T2 more than 6 minutes over Els Visser.

In the running race Dan knew how to manage his advantage to arrive alone and achieve victory in a time of 9:37:26 followed by Els Visser (9: 39: 11) and for Elisabetta Curridori (10:02:52) in third position

The only Spanish in the test, Saleta Castro, He had to withdraw from the test because he was not feeling well.

Lydia Dant winning the IRONMAN Lanzarote
IRONMAN / Lydia Dant winning the IRONMAN Lanzarote

Top 6 female

Site Name Time
1 Lydia dant  09:37:26
2 Els Visser  09:39:11
3 Elisabetta Curridori  10:02:52
4 Jenny Schulz  10:16:41
5 Angela Naeth  10:34:01
6 Ginger howell  11:20:38

There are no previous results.

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