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Kevin Tarek and Andrés Cendán Gold and bronze in the European Aquathlon

Kevin wins 2 European titles in less than 24 hours

Coimbra has once again hosted a memorable day for the Spanish triathlon, since  Kevin Tarek Viñuela and Andrés Cendán have taken the European Aquathlon Championship to the podium.

Kevin Tarek has been proclaimed champion, while Cendán was awarded bronze, thus adding another success to the Spanish representation.

Kevin Tarek, who comes to this test after having won the European Cross Triathlon title yesterday, has dominated the competition from the beginning.

The race, which was held over a 1000 m swim followed by a 5 km run, witnessed how Kevin Tarek He left the Mondego River with an initial advantage that he knew how to manage until the end, reaching the finish line with a time of 28:40

Behind, the young Bulgarian talent Alexander Bozhilov He closed the gap in the running race and secured silver in the senior category and gold in the junior category.

another spanish Andrés Cendán He finished in third position, taking the bronze medal.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Country Final time
1 Kevin Tarek Vinuela Gonzalez ESP 00:28:40
2 Alexander Bozhilov BUL 00:28:45
3 Andres Cendan Llorens ESP 00:29:02
4 Vitalii Vorontsov UKR 00:29:13
5 Peter Rojtas SVK 00:29:25
6 Arnaud Des Boscs FRA 00:29:32
7 Callum Stedman GBR 00:29:40
8 Simon Koblížek CZE 00:29:50
9 Henry Branwell-Reeks GBR 00:30:01
10 Marton Kropko HUN 00:30:13

In the women's category the victory went to the Slovenian Tjasa Vrtacic, who completed the course in 31:47, followed closely by the Ukrainian Daryn Moskalenko and by Lærke Ruby

The first Spanish was Gemma Llabres, although she did not manage to get on the podium, she fought bravely for the bronze, finally finishing in fourth position after an intense duel with the Danish Lærke Ruby.

Top 10 female

Job title Athlete Country Final time
1 Tjasa Vrtacic SLO 00:31:47
2 Daryn Moskalenko UKR 00:31:53
3 Lærke Ruby THE 00:32:08
4 Gemma Valentina Llabrés Busch ESP 00:32:10
5 Abigail Baines GBR 00:32:18
6 Marta Kropko HUN 00:32:38
7 Margaret Bicanova SVK 00:33:12
8 Sofiya Pryma UKR 00:33:21
9 Maryna Kyrik UKR 00:33:26
10 lona gandon FRA 00:34:08

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