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Kevin Tarek and Marina Muñoz European Cross Triathlon champions

The Spanish triathlon has celebrated a historic day in Coimbra, where Kevin Tarek Viñuela y Marina Muñoz They have been proclaimed European Cross Triathlon champions, achieving an impressive double gold for our country.

Kevin Tarek Viñuela: Dominance from the start

Kevin Tarek Viñuela demonstrated its supremacy from the beginning of the competition.

The Leonese, known for his swimming ability, started strong, standing out in this segment and leaving behind competitors like the Slovak Peter Rojtas and British Rory Strachan.

In the cycling stage, Viñuela found a tough rival in the Italian Federico Spinazze, who made up ground and briefly took the lead. However, the Spaniard remained calm and managed his effort, preparing for a final foot race in which he finally won. Viñuela crossed the finish line alone, savoring every step towards his European title.

The silver medal went to Federico Spinazze, while the bronze remained in the hands of the young Frenchman Jules Dumas, who also took gold in the under-23 category. Rubén Ruzafa, veteran and legend of cross triathlon, finished in a creditable fourth place, showing that he still has a lot to offer in this sport.

Marina Muñoz: An exhibition of power

In the female category, Marina Muñoz offered a true exhibition of talent and resilience.

From the first moment, the Segovian woman gave her rivals no option. In the swimming segment, only the Slovak Margaret Bicanova He was able to keep up with him, but in the cycling, Muñoz stood out noticeably, increasing his lead and securing a comfortable position for the final stage of the run.

Muñoz completed the test with the best time in all stages, crossing the finish line with a considerable advantage.

This title represents his first great international success, consolidating his position as one of the brightest promises of Spanish triathlon.

The Switzerland Anna Zehnder she took the silver medal, while the bronze went to the Frenchwoman Solène Marnoni, who cemented his position in the cycling stage and finished with a solid run.

Complete results

Top 10 male:

Pos Name Country Time
1 Kevin Tarek Vinuela Gonzalez ESP 01:31:24
2 Federico Spinazze ITA 01:31:38
3 Jules Dumas FRA 01:31:53
4 Ruben Ruzafa Cueto ESP 01:32:09
5 Lucas Goene NED 01:33:09
6 Peter Rojtas SVK 01:33:17
7 Michele Bonacina ITA 01:33:20
8 Alexandre Gleyze FRA 01:35:46
9 Rory Strachan GBR 01:37:05
10 Daniel Kraviansky SVK 01:37:39

Female Top 10:

Pos Name Country Time
1 Marina Munoz Hernando ESP 01:44:49
2 Anna Zehnder SUI 01:46:44
3 Solène Marnoni FRA 01:48:02
4 Carina Wasle TUE 01:50:51
5 Romy Spoelder NED 01:51:10
6 Kerri Ann Upham GBR 01:52:20
7 Margaret Bicanova SVK 01:53:07
8 Morgane Riou FRA 01:53:25
9 Katja Krenn TUE 01:54:41
10 Stepanka Bisova CZE 01:55:55

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