Kilian Jornet will attempt the record of 24 hours running on track

The challenge will take place on the 400-meter tartan track in Måndalen (Norway)

The media ultrarunner Kilian Jornet, has announced that it will try break the race record in 24 hours on the track calling him 'Phantasm 24 ′

For this you will have to running for 24 hours straight on a closed track to add the maximum possible kilometers in a tartan.

Kilian in a year where there have been practically no competitions, he has adapted and started training on the track and even doing his first 10K on the flat in Norway.

After the race, where he came with a few minor annoyances, he decided on something more in keeping with what he has used to, running continuously for a long time.

The date of the challenge will depend on the time

Kilian will wait for a window of good weather to be able to do the test

The challenge will take place on the track 400 meter plaid in Måndalen (Norway) without public due to the coronavirus pandemic where it will change direction every 4 hours.

In the challenge temperatures are expected between 0 degrees at night and 8 and 15 during the day.

 To make the race official, several Norwegian athletes specialized in long distance will also compete.

The current record is at 303,506 kilometers

The current record of 24 hours on the track is held by the Greek Yiannis kouros traveling 303,506 kilometers  in the 24 Adelaide 1997-hour run running at a average of 12,646 km / h. 

We will have to wait to see what Kilian does

Where to see it live?

The challenge 'ghost 24'can be seen through a live broadcast (

This is what he has published on social networks:


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