KOA Distance, the world's first Ultraman media

It is an ideal distance for those who want to move to ultradistance

Each time the ultra-distance tests are having more acceptance within the triathlon and although the Ultraman is a brave thing.

A Spanish company has created the brand KOA Distance, with the dispute of a Ultraman medium, An ideal distance for those who want to move to ultradistance

What is an Ultraman?

For those who do not know a Ultraman It consists of completing 515 kilometers in 3 days of competition, where each participant will complete 10 km of swimming in the ocean, 421 km of cycling and 84 km of running on foot with a double marathon on the last day of the race.

And the Ultraman medium?

And in the case of KOA distance, participants will make an Ultraman medium with the following distances:

  • 1º day: 5 km of swimming + 72 km of cycling
  • 2º day: 138 km of cycling
  • 3º day: 42 km running race

The Koa Distance circuits




How to participate?

In order to participate in the test, it is necessary to have finished a long distance triathlon (3,8k swim + 180k bike + 42k run) in the period between January 2019 and April 2020.

Is required minimum 1 assistant per participant, although 2. The number of entries is limited to 40. This 2020 will be its fourth edition

Further information: http://koadistance.com/

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