Kristian Blummefelt and Asheligh Gentle remain PTO leaders

The world of triathlon is in constant motion, and athletes and fans are always on the lookout for the latest ranking updates.

The recent update of the PTO Ranking It has generated a lot of interest, especially regarding the leaders and the changes in the top 10 places.

Ranking Leadership

Kristian Blummenfelt y Ashleigh Gentle they hold firm to their leadership positions in the male and female rankings, respectively.

Blummenfelt leads with a score of 96.15, while Gentle tops the women's list with 96.87.

The rise of 10 positions in Jan Frodeno, after achieving victory at the US Open, placing in fourth position.

In the female category, Taylor Knibb rises to second place after the victory also at the US Open, staying very close to Gentle (0,18 points difference)

Top 10 in the Men's Ranking

  2. MAGNUS DITLEV: 95.01
  3. SAM LONG: 92.24
  4. JAN FRODENO: 92.14
  5. MAX NEUMANN: 91.81
  6. BEN KANUTE: 90.80
  7. JASON WEST: 90.65
  8. SAM LAIDLOW: 90.27
  10. PATRICK LANGE: 88.98

Top 10 in the Female Ranking

  2. TAYLOR KNIBB: 96.69
  3. ANNE HAUG: 95.31
  4. Lucy Charles-BARCLAY: 94.02
  5. DANIELA RYF: 92.57
  6. Paula Findlay: 92.46
  7. LAURA PHILIPP: 90.65
  8. HOLLY LAWRENCE: 89.53
  10. KAT MATTHEWS: 87.54

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Spanish athletes

As for the Spanish, we find the following in the classification:

  • Gurutze Frades larralde ranked 24th in the PTO ranking with a score of 82.23.
  • Equating the Gurutze score, Sara Perez Sala It is also ranked 25.
  • Antonio Benito Lopez ranked 37th in the PTO ranking with a score of 80.12.
  • In position 71 we find Helene Alberdi Sololuze with a score of 68.57.
  • Also  Anna Noguera, ranked 79th with a score of 66.65,
  • In position 91, we find Jordi Montraveta Moya.
  • Fernando Zorrilla Medrano It is ranked 96 with a score of 68.77.

There are no previous results.

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