Kristian Blummenfelt sweeps his debut at IRONMAN Cozumel

Today the Norwegian triathlete Kristian Blummenfelt has made history at IRONMAN Cozumel.

He has achieved victory in his first distance event, in a season where he has achieved Olympic Gold, the ITU world title and now a landslide victory in Cozumel.

The Norwegian swam the 3.800 meters in 39:41, leaving the water second just 2 seconds behind Paul Schuster.

In the cycling segment he has always been in the lead in a group of 14 triathletes until the last part of the segment where he has gained an advantage and has got off the bike with more than 8 minutes over Patrick Nilson and Emilio Aguayo which was third at this point.

In the foot race Kristian instead of maintaining the difference, he continued to increase it, reaching the finish line with a time of 7:21:12 getting his first victory in the distance on the day of his debut.

The second classified has been Ruedi Wild (7: 36: 35) and third Paul Schuster (7: 41: 32)

Regarding the Spanish, highlight the eighth position of Víctor Arroyo which ended with a time of 7:52:42

Men's 10 Top

Post Athlete Time
1 Kristian Blummenfelt  07:21:12
2 Ruedi Wild  07:36:35
3 Paul Schuster  07:41:32
4 robert wilkowiecki  07:42:02
5 Andre lopes  07:43:31
6 Philip Santos  07:45:42
7 Victor Arroyo Bugallo  07:52:42
8 Paphiel pareyn  07:53:38
9 Adam feigh  07:58:52
10 Tim Rea  07:59:39

Kristian Blummenfelt sweeps his debut at IRONMAN Cozumel

Facebook / Kristian Blummenfelt running at IRONMAN Cozumel

Partials Kristian Blummenfelt IRONMAN Cozumel

These have been the times of Blummenflet

  • Swimming (3.800 m): 39:41, pace 1:02 min / 100
  • T1: 1: 52
  • Biking: 4:02:40, pace 44,51 km / h
  • T2: 1: 37
  • Race on foot: 2:35:16, pace 3:42 min / km

Norway power in triathlon

Today's victory by Blummenfelt joins that of his compatriot Gustav Iden en Florida, where he won with a time of 7:42:57.

Norway has shown that it has quality triathletes to compete at all distances and they threaten: to fight for the top in all the competitions that are contested.

Gurutze Frades second

In the women's category victory has been for Sara swensk with a time of 8: 22: 41 followed by the Spanish Gurutze Frades (8:31:12) and by Carrie Lester (8: 36: 40) in third position.

Top 3 female

Post Athlete Time
1 Sara Svensk  08:22:41
2 Gurutze Frades Larralde  08:31:12
3 Carrie Lester  08:36:40

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