Kristian Blummenfelt and Daniela Ryf leaders of the PTO Ranking after the IRONMAN World Cup

The IRONMAN world champions Kristian Blummenfelt y Daniela Ryf has risen thanks to his victory in St. George to the first place in the PTO Ranking.

The test has awarded 126,47 points to Blumenfet which has made it rise 40 positions to reach number one.

Meanwhile Ryf He has achieved 137,06 points, regaining first place in the Ranking.

You can consult in this link the PTO ranking complete.

With the absences in the World Cup like Frodeno, who used to be in the lead, he has dropped quite a few positions in the table and is now in fifth place.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Name Points
1 Kristian Blummenfelt 111.39
2  Gustav Iden 109.62
3  Lionel Sanders 107.62
4  Daniel Baekkegard 103.73
5  Jan Frodeno 102.82
6  Braden Currie 102.04
7  Florian Angert 101.93
8  Sam long 99.62
9  Patrick Lange 99.26
10  Magnus Elbaek Ditlev 99.25

Top 10 female

Job title Name Points
1 Daniela Ryf 120.68
2  Anne Haug 113.63
3  Kat matthews 111.22
4  Laura Philipp 108.48
5  Lucy Charles-Barclay 107.65
6  Taylor Knibb 106.26
7  Skye Moench 105.50
8  Emma Pallant Browne 102.08
9  Jeanni metzler 101.23
10  Paula Findlay 99.65


There are no previous results.

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