Kristian Blummenfelt wins the Tokyo Olympics

Mario Mola gets the Olympic diploma

This morning the men's individual triathlon test of the Tokyo Olympic Games took place where the Spanish Javier Gómez Noya participated, Mario Mola y Fernando Alarza.

The test has been marked by the heat that began at 6:30 local time with 27º, a humidity of 79% and with a water temperature close to 30º.

The competition that has featured the best athletes in the specialty has not disappointed and we have been able to live an exciting test until the end.

The test circuits They have been very fast and technical in some sections, which has allowed the triathletes to “play”

The test began with a null start by a boat on the route, in a circuit with 2 laps with the first of 950 meters and a second of 550.

After the two laps the first to come out of the water was the French Vicent Luis (17:39) followed by Dimitri Polyanskiy and Jonas Schomburg leading a very stretched group.

Fernando Alarza came out at 41 '' Mario Mola at 42 and Javier Gómez Noya at 44.

In the first meters of the cycling circuit, a group of 9 units was formed with Luis at the head, Brownlee, Schoeman, Polyanskiy, Schomburg, Mislawchuck, Van Riel, Reid and Nener who tried to march alone.

The 8-lap bike circuit was very fast, technical and difficult for chases.

In the passage through the first lap, those at the top had 16 seconds ahead of the group of Blummenlfet and Alex Yee and in 36 seconds another group where the 3 Spaniards were, Iden or Wilde among others.

In the passage through the third lap, the chasing group was already 12 seconds behind the leaders and that of Noya passed 28, so the differences were narrowing.

In the fourth round, the second group caught up with the leaders and the Spaniards passed 18 seconds.

The unification of the leading groups allowed the Noya, Mola and Alarza group to reach them in the fifth lap, unifying the peloton and leaving everything as at the beginning.

From there the squad remained united until the final part where there was an acceleration and the tense situations prior to T2.

The first to get off the bike was Andrea Salvisberg who escaped on the seventh lap with 14 seconds ahead of the peloton that went out to run very stretched with Mola in 22nd place at 20 '', Noya was 32nd at 23 '' and Alarza 33 to 25.

In the 4-lap foot race Alex Yee started pulling to catch up with Salvisberg quickly. And forming a very uptight group with the British in the lead.

In the passage through the first round Yee continued to pull the group together with Wilde, Blummenflet Brownlee, Conixx or Studer among others. The Spanish passed 20 seconds.

The last lap was spectacular, where we experienced several attacks by the three of us trying to leave their teammates, until Blummenfelt with great force managed to leave.

final part of the race
olympics / final part of the race

Finally the norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt has achieved victory with a time of 1:45:02 followed by the British Alex Yee at 11 '' and the New Zealander  Hayden Wilde to 20".

As for the Spanish Mario Mola has been 10th, and has obtained the Olympic diploma, Fernando Alarza has been 12th and Javier Gómez Noya 25o.


Job title Country Athlete Time Difference
1 NOR Kristian BLUMMENFELT 1:45:04
2 GBR YEE Alex 1:45:15 + 0: 11
3 NZL Wilde Hayden 1:45:24 + 0: 20
4 BEL van RAIL Marten 1:45:52 + 0: 48
5 GBR BROWNLEE JONATHAN 1:45:53 + 0: 49
6 USA Kevin McDOWELL 1:45:54 + 0: 50
7 HUN BICSAK Bence 1:45:56 + 0: 52
8 NOR IDEN Gustav 1:46:00 + 0: 56
9 SUI STUDERMax 1:46:06 + 1: 02
10 ESP COOL Mario 1:46:13 + 1: 09

Classification of Spaniards

10 ESP COOL Mario 1:46:13 + 1: 09
12 ESP FERNANDO ALARZA 1:46:22 + 1: 18
25 ESP GOMEZ NOYA Javier 1:47:46 + 2: 42

With the dispute of this test Javier Gómez Noya and Mario Mola have completed their third games while for Fernando Alarza it has been the second participation

You can consult in this article to all Spanish triathletes who have participated in an Olympic Games.

There are no previous results.

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