Kristian Quintans and Sonja Skevin, win the 10th edition of ICAN Triathlon Gandia

Ander Noain and Pilar Arias win the HALF ICAN Triathlon Gandia

The test began with the 4 starts of the Short distance, which would be followed by the medium distance, and finally the queen test.

The day began with wind, and a cold thermal sensation, yet the water temperature indicated that neoprene was not allowed for short distance triathletes, and allowed for medium and long distance.

The initial wind decreased as the day progressed. The triathletes adapted to the circuit as the laps occurred in each of the segments, and the weather gave a respite. Gandia was shown in full sun with a spectacular blue sky at the foot of the Paseo Marítimo.

The first goals would come with the short distance triathletes with the Albacete INGETEAM Triathlon Club as the absolute leader, reaching the first 2 positions, thanks to the triathletes Manuel García and Francisco Javier Pelegrín.

Third position would go to Roberto Alcaide of Tri Infinitry Móstoles. The winner stopped the clock at 1:53:00. The women's podium would be for Celia Jurado of the Marlins Triathlon Madrid; Teresa Ribes from Triatló Corriol, and Hanna Tamoudi from CT Arena Alicante.

In Half distance the predictions were fulfilled, and Ander Noain from Peñota Dental Alusigma, reached the finish line in first position with 3:43:33, followed by Ramón Ejeda, recent Autonomous Champion of MD, with 3:48:07, from Tricanet from Berenguer, and in third position the UA Triathlon triathlete, Kerman Alonso, from the same category as Ander Noain.

The female podium would be for Pilar Arias with 4:30:51 from the Villalba Triathlon; Elia Roda from CD Galosport just 14” behind Pilar, and in 3rd position Marta Garrido from CDE Triboost.

Favorite winners in FULL ICAN Triathlon Gandia

The favorite in this 8th edition of ICAN Triathlon managed to climb to the first place on the podium with a time of 23:34:XNUMX.

The test record is still in the possession of Gonzalo Fuentes from Alusigma Peñota Dental Portugaletekoa.

Second position for Erick Jakobeit from CT Formigues de Benicàssim, with a time of 8:30:41; and third place for Gonzalo Garvey with 8:34:23 from CT Benalmádena.

The favorite was the elite triathlete from Croatia, Sonja Skevin with a time of 9:44:24. She snatched her position from all of her opponents, staying very far from 2nd and 3rd. Helena Herrero, Spanish favorite on the start list, took second position.

Third on the podium is Cristina Moya, who also becomes the Regional Long Distance Champion.

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