Kyle Smith and India Lee win The Championship 2024 with a circuit record

The Challenge Family Franchise Championship, known as “The Championship“, was held today in Šamorín (Slovakia) with victory for Kyle Smith y India Lee .

Additionally, both Smith (3:27:10) and Lee (3:56:45) established a new race record

In the men's category, the first to leave the water was Marc Dubrick from the United States, closely followed by the IRONMAN 70.3 world champion, Rich Bogen.

 Just a few seconds apart, a compact group of 17 men emerged led by athletes like Tom Bishop, Pieter Heemeryck y Frederic Funk. The difference between the top ten at the start of the water was minimal, with the tenth placed team just 20 seconds behind the leader.

In the 90 kilometer cycling segment, dominance was clear on the part of Frederic Funk y Kristian Hogenhaug, who printed a strong rhythm from the beginning.

Funk arrived alone at T2 with a lead of +1:28 over Rich Bogen y Kyle Smith. Jan Stratman y Kristian Hogenhaug

In the 21 kilometer foot race, Kyle Smith demonstrated his superiority in this discipline.

At the end of the first lap, Smith had already caught up with Funk, who could not maintain the pace and from there Smith consolidated his advantage, increasing the difference with Funk to almost a minute.

Finally, the victory went to Kyle Smith with a time of 3: 27: 10, followed by Frederic Funk (3: 29: 24) and Kristian Hogenhaug (3: 29: 56).

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Final time Difference
1 Kyle Smith 3:27:10 -
2 Frederic Funk 3:29:24 + 2: 14
3 Kristian Hogenhaug 3:29:56 + 2: 46
4 Kacper Stepniak 3:30:21 + 3: 11
5 Jan Stratman 3:31:55 + 4: 45
6 Rich Bogen 3:32:12 + 5: 02
7 Filipe Azevedo 3:32:35 + 5: 25
8 Jesper Svensson 3:32:52 + 5: 42
9 Ondrej Kubo 3:35:51 + 8: 41
10 Joshua Lewis 3:36:06 + 8: 56

India Lee retains her crown at The Championship

India Lee He continues his spectacular year and takes victory in The Championship with a very solid race from start to finish.

The women's competition began with a group of five triathletes leading the test. The German Caroline Pohle She was the first to leave the water with a time of 24:28, closely followed by two of the favorites: Fenella Langridge e India Lee.

Before the equator of the cycling segment, at kilometer 43, India Lee reached Caroline PohleWhile Fenella Langridge was delayed and overtaken by Rebecca Robisch y Laura Madson, who were running 1:30 behind the head of the race.

In the second half of cycling, India Lee I continued increasing the difference to reach T2 with 39 seconds of advantage over Caroline pohle .Laura Madson She was third with a difference of 3:10.

In the race on foot, India Lee He increased his advantage from the first kilometers, leaving behind Caroline Pohle.

At kilometer 7, India Lee He was leading with more than two minutes over Caroline Pohle and almost four minutes about the trio Kivioja, Madsen y Fisherman.

Finally, India Lee He secured his second big victory of the season, after winning the T100 Triathlon Miami, and revalidated his title from last year.

India Lee won with a time of 3:56:45, followed by Laura Madson (3: 59: 52) and anna bergsten (4:00:32) in third position overtaking Kaidi Kivioja y Caroline Pohle in the last meters.

ChallengeFamily/ India Lee winning The Championship 2024
ChallengeFamily/ India Lee winning The Championship 2024

Top 10 female

Job title Athlete Final time Difference
1 India Lee 3:56:45 -
2 Laura Madson 3:59:52 + 3: 07
3 anna bergsten 4:00:32 + 3: 47
4 Kaidi Kivioja 4:01:34 + 4: 49
5 Els Visser 4:01:56 + 5: 11
6 megan mcdonald 4:05:05 + 8: 20
7 Rebecca Robisch 4:05:16 + 8: 31
8 Fenella Langridge 4:06:08 + 9: 23
9 Charlene carnation 4:06:42 + 9: 57

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