The DGT announces a new rule to overtake cyclists

It affects the safety distance and the speed of overtaking. In addition, there will be a penalty and withdrawal of points

According to 20 minutes, the DGT has announced that traffic regulations will change in the matter of overtaking cyclists.

How was it until now?

To overtake the cyclists you had to do it rspreading distance (1,5 meters) and even invading the opposite lane if necessary.

This overtaking could be done at the maximum speed allowed by the road where it will take place.

What will it be like from now on?

With the new measure the distance between vehicle and rider or platoon will be at least 2 meters.

In addition, it is being assessed that slow down when overtaking, it would 20 km / hour below maximum that can be circulated on the road.

That is, on interurban roads that can be circulated at 90, you would have to overtake a maximum of 70 km / h.

In addition, the fines for not complying with this regulation will have a sanction of 200 euros and 3 point loss driving license.

When will it come into force?

Pere Navarro, director of the DGT explained these measures in a discussion and indicated that they will be part of a package of reforms that will be included in the Royal Decree that will modify the Traffic Law.

It is expected to be approved in the coming months.

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