The Federation of Triathlon of the Valencian Community joins the Targeta Esportiva

Yesterday the agreement was signed by which the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community joins the Targeta Esportiva of the Valencian Community. Rafael Redondo, president of the Federation, and Rafael Ripoll, regional secretary for Culture and Sport, signed the agreement that unifies the Sports Card and the federation license in a single document.

The Sports Card can be requested through the Valencian City Triathlon Federation itself at the time of processing the license. From there, the Federation coordinates with the Consell to issue it. The advantages are multiple, because in this way the federation management itself is greatly streamlined, as well as being an advantage for the athlete since he receives it comfortably at his home. All this, in addition to having telematic monitoring at all times of the process.

The Triathlon Federation has been a pioneer in this matter and has become the first Federation to join this collaboration agreement.

The Sports Card is a service offered by the Consell Valencià de l'Esport to athletes to promote sport and guarantee its users a series of services and benefits of a sporting nature.

Rafael Redondo expressed his joy at the line of work that is being followed between the Federation and the Consell: “We have found an interest in developing projects in which not only money is important, with the general direction of sports. There are many areas in which we can work and our obligation is to collaborate with them for the good of our sport”.
This project is a sign of the Federation's interest in ensuring the sports health of triathlon members, with an agile system adjusted to the current economic reality.
"It is a satisfaction to sign this agreement because this way of working has a great future that will allow us to grow in matters such as health, promotion...", adds the triathlon president.

On the other hand, Rafael Ripoll explained the importance of the Sports Card: “To provide a service to citizens through a project launched by an Autonomous Government. The crisis forces us to be ingenious and bet on projects in which the Federations are active and take advantage of our projects”

“The Sports Card is a real, practical service that is committed to sports and health. You are a federation that is making more and more noise and that has a lot of traction and I am glad that Triathlon is the first Federation to join because it embodies all the values ​​of the sport", Ripoll completed.


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