The FETRI condemns the organization of the City of Santander Triathlon for not complying with its Covid protocols

Condemns the organization of tests outside of its security protocols protected by the health authorities

 The Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI) has published a statement condemning and disassociating itself from the events that occurred yesterday during the dispute of the Santander City Triathlon, where he won Javier Gómez Noya

 In the statement they explain that they have verified that yesterday, in the Santander triathlon, the application of the measures of the FETRI Covid-19 protocols were not carried out.

In a post published by the President of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla You can see how an exit was made without respecting the security measures

From the organization, they published on August 28 that the General Directorate of Health had validated its Covid-19 protocols


Posted by Santander City Triathlon am Friday, 28th August 2020

 This is the full statement

 «Our sports federation has been working actively in recent weeks and months to establish a correct framework for returning to competitions based on the protocols and recommendations set by the health authorities.

To the establishment of the aforementioned protocol with a whole series of hygienic-sanitary measures to try to guarantee the safest celebrations of the tests, it joins or adds the important logistical or organizational tasks for the strict and rigorous implementation in the events organized by us.

 One of the tasks on which the FETRI is influencing the most when obtaining permits and authorizations from the competent authorities to enable the holding of the tests is, precisely, the existence and application of the aforementioned protocols that contain adequate security measures in Aras to ensure the health and safety of all people who attend or are at the event.

 Having stated the above, the FETRI has been able to verify the organization of the triathlon event held in Santander on September 13, 2020 that has not carried out the implementation and application of the measures that our own protocols have established in order to provide an essential security framework.

In the case of the aforementioned event, it is a competition or sporting event that is outside the scope of control or supervision of the FETRI.

 There is no doubt that holding tests, as we understand it has happened in the Santander triathlon on 13/9/2020, that are not rigorous and strict in the implementation and compliance of the aforementioned protocols, ends up harming all entities and sectors of our sport, and this because an uncontrolled activity or lacking the necessary protection measures ends up being transferred to society and authorities.

 Precisely, it is nothing new in our sport of triathlon that non-federated competitions held outside the sports federations are not scrupulous or rigorous in establishing an adequate security framework for the participants and that, at this time, it would acquire a special relevance in the current health context for the whole society.

 From the FETRI we want to unmark ourselves and publicly denounce the celebration of any sporting event of our modality that is foreign or does not comply with the protocols and their corresponding measures.

In the same way, we want to let the authorities, participants, and fans and lovers of our sport know that the FETRI will continue to work so that the organized competitions strictly and rigorously comply with all the measures that our protocol contemplated and that has been validated by the competent authorities. "

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